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JT sent this to me I think it's been photoshoped!!!

Started by Woolly Bugger, June 05, 2006, 16:21:54 PM

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Woolly Bugger

ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

Pastor explains icons to my son: you know like the fish symbol on the back of cars.

My son: My dad has two fish on his car and they're both trout!


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hey that is a good  bluegill but remember my uncle caught the worlds record.


I too think it has been photoshoped!!!

Looks like JT shaved  ;D
-you can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.  Robert A. Heinlein.


I think it has been photoshopped too.  The fish hasn't been touched, but JT has been made better looking.
Charter Member Shenandoah Valley Irregulars


I caught that gill in a pond near Greenville,Tenn
Fish was 9-10 inches long and I would say about 3/4 lb. Caught on a yellow bully

Walgreen's developed it if that helps any of you Photoshoppers.  I can't help it if I am just naturally so damn good looking ;D



Plenty of big gills in Greene Co. JT. That wasn't out of the golf course was it?



  Greenville hunting and fishing club pond off of Horse creek rd

FT and Croak -------  don't sass me  ------  Yawl don't live so far away that I can't show up with some large-azz cats that would just love to do a a 2500 RPM burn-out on yo heads ;D ;D

          Johnny Lightning 


Quote from: Stone-Man on June 08, 2006, 20:30:51 PM

FT and Croak -------  don't sass me  ------  Yawl don't live so far away that I can't show up with some large-azz cats that would just love to do a a 2500 RPM burn-out on yo heads ;D ;D

          Johnny Lightning 
That cat couldn't get no traction on my bald head.
Charter Member Shenandoah Valley Irregulars


when's a newbie no longer a newbie...


Nice bull bluegill. Is that the only one you caught that size? It looks like 18 I caught last Sunday on a white Betts 'Bluegill Special' popper. Well, I used 3 poppers, lost 2. Ralph

Brent G

Nice Gill JT .....Wallgreen sure can do wonders ..... that picture makes ya look 20 years younger   :)


Brent G


  Yes,that was the only one that I caught. I only made 5-6 casts total.  I got that biggun and then my fool friends started yelling about the crawfish and burgers being ready,so I went and ate with them and had to drive home after that
  There were several fish in that size range on the same bed,but I was at this picnic to eat and drink whiskey


JT, my friend Terry & I caught about 50-60 Bluegill each of all sizes to get those big ones. Don't worry though, we left plenty to breed more big bream. After we put these 18 in the live well we released at least as many the same size to grow & breed. Terry doesn't eat fish and I keep only those I can eat without freezing any. It was the best fishing day of the year, bar none. I've been studying Bluegill for a long time, 25 years at least, hence my screen name. The lake we went to is owned by the power company and the land around it is mostly private so only a few of us get to fish there. It's a deep lake and difficult to learn. We've been learning it for 10 years so far and can find good fish about 1 time in 3 or 4, maybe. Ralph   

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