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November 29, 2021, 04:53:14 AM


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PFF Work Assignments

Started by Stone-Man, May 12, 2017, 15:26:18 PM

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ODG3  tent boss
croaker     cook
Curtis        cook
Gregg       cook
Cherokee  Curtis' help
Katz          Curtis" help
Eric           Curtis' help
Pansyman  Breakfast
Devins Dad  Breakfast
PHG             Breakfast
Peddler   Coffee
Troufanatic  clean up Friday night
Itieuglyflies  clean up Friday night
Pansyman crew    Saturday AM  cleanup
Phil             Croakers help
Peggy         Croakers help
J-4          Sat PM clean up
Gordon    Sat PM clean up
Gilman     Sat PM clean up

We will have at least 30 sub humanoids coming to this



clean up?  :o

damn I still feel like I am in the Army. Can I keep beer cold?


Only about a 3rd of that list know I am a chronic smart ass.

Meanwhile, Offer stands for beer/liquor purchases on Fort Bragg. Square up in person. Tax free and generally cheaper than walmart. Send PM or hit me in militia page.


Clean up Fri. night won't be bad.  1 big pot, a few utensil's to wash and wipe off the tables.

Keeping the cook in cold beer is the helpers most important
responsibility, though, I'm not above taking a cold one from the clean up crew.

Sure glad JT gave me better lookin' help than last year (Creek Scum).

While Phil ain't much easier on the eyes, Peggy is and she has the 2nd
best looking pair legs out of all the Psychos.


You won't be the only smart ass in the group.

If you can get a case of Guinness Stout for less than $30
from the Class 6 store bring it and I'll gladly pay up at camp.

Ain't Life Grand!!!


-you can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.  Robert A. Heinlein.



I got ya Don. I think metal vs. glass will be cheaper.

and, no Phil... you are jamming man. Nice Leroy tho.


Any response to our Spiritual Leader, beyond:  "SIR, YES SIR"    is unacceptable. 'c;

You can lead a horticulture<br />but you can't make her think.<br /><br />Only users lose weed.