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November 30, 2021, 07:59:50 AM


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Hammocks Beach/Bear Island camping

Started by Onslow, May 04, 2017, 20:05:22 PM

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So is this place as attractive as depicted in numerous pics a YT vids?  I've got the itch to go, camp, kayak, and throw a little line.

Woolly Bugger


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One of my favorite places in the world and I never really even fished it. Kayak camp down on the end by the inlet. If I remember correctly the sites have picnic tables and def bring a strong tent the wind is insane.


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Can either of you all provide an assessment of the deer flies, the dreaded Tabanus nigrovittatus

, and skeeters for this locale.  I surely hope this place isn't miserable in the way Portsmouth Island is.


Not an issue if I recall and I've been in June and July, if I recall the wind negates the pest problem

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Interesting.  Do try going to Portsmouth without a bee suit, unless you plan to wade in the surf.  The first year the skeeters and deer flies were the issue.  Second year was more miserable than the first.   Green headed marsh flies were biting through clothes.


Only issue I ever had was from horny ponies and ticks on Shakleford Banks...had to get my at the time gf to dig a tick out of my asscrack (she effed it up and left the head in)....i blame her if I come down w Lyme...and for ruining a great summer of my youth

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No see ums can be bad on bear island if the wind is light.

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