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Frog Hair Advertisement...Pending IGFA Record

Started by shanktrout, June 04, 2006, 21:44:16 PM

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On page 18 of Eastern Fly Fishing there's a Frog Hair advertisement that claims Ron Mazzarella landed a 19 lb striped bass on 7x 2lb tippet in 10 minutes, a pending IGFA record. I believe these IGFA type records are pretty ridiculous sometimes because I think it promotes something un-sportsmanlike. But in any event, I still wonder how in the world this fish really was landed. I realize weight from a battle with a fish is absorbed by the rod itself and dispersed through the line making a 2lb tippet able to withstand far more, but IMO, 2 lb test for a 19lb fish doesn't seem to add up if it was a conventional fight. Anybody have an opinion on this? I'd really enjoy to hear other peoples' take on this.


maybe the fish was dead, and he snaged it ;)..i too find it hard to belive 2lb test 19lb fish in ten min of fighting..but who knows

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Hey if thats what makes him tick...  It's not like it was a coldwater trout in low water--  It's just a bass.  Personally I probably wouldn't do it, but it would sure be a challenge, especially if you like to compete. 8)



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Caleb... your post basically sums up my take on this.

These days with commercial Striped bass fishing basically over, its up to anglers to keep an eye out on the welfare of the fishery. And I know your statement was in jest, but lots of people really do think Stripers are far more resiliant than they actually are. Lots of progress has been made, circle hooks for example, are far less lethal than straight j's and most people are more aware of the fact that stripers die pretty easily. So everyone bitches to the bait guys about killing fish, and then these record chaser fly boys go out and use 2lb test....let me tell you...for those who've never fished for striped bass....2lb test is going to leave you with a dead fish on the end of your line if you ever even get it in. So as for challenges and competitions... that's all well and good but I can't say I'm for it if it is at the fishes expense. And I'm not exactly sure what really went down on that boat...but somethings just fishy.


Shank, as this was in salt water, he probably just played the fish to exhaustion, and then used the wave action to beach the fish.  I've done that several times when I wasn't sure my leader was strong enough to actually hold the fish.  I have to agree, though, that most IGFA records are nonsence.  By doing it the way they do, though, they assure that there are hunderds of "world record" possibilities out there.  It's good business.


10 mins?   ???  19lbs. in 10 mins with 7x, that fish must have been half dead already.   ::) 

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...


my buddy dave caught and fought a 15 pound carp on 4 pound line. it took six hours to finally net it. the line was ruined from all of the winding and drag pulling. it could not have happened if we had not been in a spillway pond of a 20 acre lake. the carp had no place to run more than 50 feet at a time,but it was exciting.


IGFA has their world records data base open to the public for a short time.  You can go there and look at all the records if you're interested in that kind of stuff.  In 1983 I went to Labrador with a group of guys to fish for brook trout and arctic char.  Before we left one of the guys researched the world records and decided he was going to break the fly rod world record for arctic char in the 2 lb. line class.  He did it with a 6 lb. 12 oz. fish and the record still holds.


 stripers are pretty whimpy for their size. you know the old saying, it is possible, but not probable, but that doesn't mean it didnt happen. now if it was a hybrid striper x white bass i'd say horsecrap, those are fighting machines

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stripers are pretty whimpy for their size.

...I wasn't going to say that... :-X ...but I've had 12" rainbows fight harder than a 30" striper. ;D


I believe the two of you are trolling but I'll go ahead and bite....

Whimpy for their size.... lmao... The other night I was out and put a fish to my reel after it gunned out to sea. After realizing it was a 12 inch schoolie known as a "rat" I was pretty embarrased....especially after announcing that I had a good one! I was using a 10wt rigged with a 350 grain shooting head... a trout would crap out from that weight alone. Ocean fish are aggressive in nature no matter which way you cut it.

PHG... when most people catch 12 inch trout they're using pretty slim stix....when was the last time someone went out and used a four wt. to catch stripers? The majority of the time people are using bigger gear. It's pretty common to hear of people landeing mid 20- 30" trout on conventional light trout tackle... happens on the SH all the time. I've never seen or heard of a 30" striper landed on these pixie sticks.


Shank, it seems like you don't believe it.  Why not?  I myself have landed a 5 lb. largemouth on 6x.  With today's high dollar reels having very smooth drag I believe it could have happened.  And whats wrong with it if it did happen.  If you don't think it should have happened you have nothing to worry about because you didn't do it.  There are still plenty of stripers in this world. :)

Happy fishing 0--0



All Stripers are not equal. I have caught whimpy stripers in MD brackish water inlets and Bull strong ones off Cape Cod. I think (that means this is only my opinion) that when they come inshore they loose a lot of umph.


Caleb...please re read my first post... thanks.

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Quote from: tw5270 on June 09, 2006, 11:07:43 AM

All Stripers are not equal. I have caught whimpy stripers in MD brackish water inlets and Bull strong ones off Cape Cod. I think (that means this is only my opinion) that when they come inshore they loose a lot of umph.

I assume all stripers must not be created equal, because I am not sure where some of you guys are fishing, but the stripers in some of the lakes around here are by far the stongest fighting things in the lake.  They put the largemouth, catfish, etc etc etc to shame.  If you hook into a striper around here, you know it, because it is time to hang on!  Even a 5 pounder will pull and fight like crazy. ;)