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Sunday Hike

Started by ryguy, March 21, 2017, 20:37:10 PM

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With work lately being as busy as ever, and the weather looking like it's going to stay spring like, I made plans to fish and hike one of the larger SNP drainages on Sunday.

Loaded up the truck with an excited pup, and headed west from Richmond.  Picked up a friend who was also needing to get out, and hit the trail.  We arrived at the trailhead shortly after sunrise.  There's a happy dog ahead:
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The water was flowing well after the past few weeks of rain we've had.
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We hiked about a mile before we started fishing.  With the cold morning, fishing was slow.  I fished a heavy nymph and caught 1 brook trout about 8".  He did not want to be photographed and swam away.  That ended up being my only trout for the day.
Obligatory rod pic:
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All in all a great day.  Walked about 5.5 miles, tired out my pup and got to spend some time outdoors.  Thanks for reading.
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Big J

Dang, those water levels don't look bad at all.  You all must of got more rain than we got south of SNP.

Woolly Bugger

refreshing! need more details on the boo! water looks sweet, I know putting a green/pink weenie on a boo would be blaspheme, but ....

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Native Fisher

Shenandoah Valley Airport at Weyers Cave records say we have had 4 inches of rain since January 1 but 1.26" came on one day.  We are dry on this side of the mountains.


The water levels were great, surprising because I looked at the gauges further down and the river was low.

Woolly, the bamboo rod is a 7' with a 3 wt line.  Could use a 4 wt.  I bought the blank and finished it out a few years ago.  The grip was a pre finished one, but I'm turning my own grips and seats now.  I turned the seat, and it's my first turn at a flat slide band seat.  Didn't turn out perfectly, but I'm happy with how it works.  The wood came from my grandfathers stash, so it has some significance.  Thanks for noticing!

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Damn, shockingly good water levels. Glad you got out.  'c;

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