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February 17, 2019, 06:42:35 am


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Creek Company 2 person pontoon for sale

Started by catscratch007, January 28, 2017, 03:32:16 am

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For sale 2 man Creek Company ODC 1220 ! I am looking to sale the boat and trailer $3500.00 The following is a list of everything that will go with the boat. I am located in Marietta, GA

Hand Pump
2 seat pedestal risers Seats are padded seats
2 seat swivels mounts
2 oar keepers
2 seat caddy with cup holders
3 full size oar's
2 oar sleeves with oar rite's/ these make rowing the boat an ease !
Boat has heavy duty oar locks, plus extra oar lock
2 dry bag side pouches
casting platform up front with casting bag
15lb anchor with pulley system rope included
45lb thrust trolling motor (Yes it will push the boat up river on the hooch).
10 foot flair sided trailer with ramps (This is an ATV trailer and perfect for the boat). with lights
Heavy duty straps for the boat and trailer.
extra straps for the boat and pins for the frame
Custom 10 foot PVC rod holder, will hold as many Fly rods as you can put in it.

The boat itself is great condition and has always been stored in the garage and air kept in the pontoons. The boat has never been patched and has been taken good care of. The frame itself is aluminum and does have some wear from the rowers feet. I am the original owner and the boat is registered for outboard motor since it comes with trolling motor. The trailer itself has limited miles (to and from the hooch and occasional trip to the toccoa). The boat is very light and rows great. The only thing you would need is water as this boat is ready to go! The frame can even break down and be setup for 1 man. The boat is very sturdy and can hold plenty of weight.
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