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Suspended Streamers

Started by Slider, September 16, 2005, 10:50:49 AM

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Anyone fish suspended streamers?  These are streamers that are tied to suspend in the water column just under the surface and some will sink very slowly.  You dead stick them except for a couple of strips at the beginning of the cast and 99% of the takes are visual.  Sometimes they will blow up on the fly, but most of the time they just suck it in.  You must be patient and not strike too soon.  However, when the fly disappears turn em' inside out!  Check out the latest issue of Midwest Fly Fishing and they have a great article there on suspended streamers by Kevin Feenstra.  These are flies I had never heard of before and I believe they will serve a niche in my arsenal of approaches to smallies.



Sounds cool..I am tying crawfish patterns and streamers for a smallie trip Sunday..How have you tied these? Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the heads-up Slider. Funny you should mention that, because recently I've been running drop shot rigs in an attempt to suspend off the bottom and avoid all the hang-ups. You bet I'll be checking that article out.


I've had a lot of fun with the Red&White Hackle Fly (AKA Homer Rhodes Tarpon Fly or Seaducer).  It's a style of tye kinda like the Clouser. 

Different lengths, hook and/or eye sizes/weights and colors to match baitfish and fishing conditions.  Beadchain eyes for shallow water fish, lead eyes for deeper.

Ain't Suspending Fly Grand!!!

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I wish I could tell you how, but they are so different from anything you have tied before that I don't think I could do it justice so you could understand.  If you are really interested get a copy of the most recent issue of Midwest Fly Fishing.  Many fly shops carry them.  The article is about suspending flies and writtten by Kevin Feenstra.  Sorry I can't help you more.