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Las vegas suggestions

Started by mountbkr, November 28, 2016, 10:51:52 AM

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I will be traveling to Las Vegas for work in the second week of March and am planning to fish for a day while I'm in that part of the country. I'm looking for trout and would be willing to drive 4-5 hrs to access them, not interested in the lakes and ponds available in that immediate area. Looking for suggestions for an area and a guide to do that with. If anyone has contacts in that area, i can reach out to a guide for recommendations on the area.

Thanks in advance.....

Woolly Bugger


While there is wade fishing access, taking a boat up the river is worth the $$$

some walk-in info

this pdf has a couple of pages that show the walk-in areas...

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I concur with the Bugger.   Lee's ferry jet boat trip was awesome.  0:0


Try Dixie National Forest near St George, Utah. Here is a local outfitter with fishing reports:

Also, Zion and Bryce National Parks have some great fishing as well.

If I had time I'd cruise down and fish with you. I'm living up in SLC, UT. I love fishing in the desert down there.
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