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Wading Boots In Need of Repair...suggestions anyone?

Started by joefriday, August 25, 2016, 13:06:32 PM

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My wading boots are in need of repair.  Does anyone have suggestions on a repair method?....Seamseal?, Gorilla Glue?  Epoxy?...

boots by Joe Friday, on Flickr



I have a two step method that will work wonders in your situation.
Step 1: Take your wading boots and throw them in the trash.
Step 2: Buy new wading boots.


^^^^I agree with this approach.^^^

If you try anything, I would go with Goop.

And that link is through the BRFFF portal. The boss will be happy.  d:b
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Buy new boots.
Ive tried every glue imaginable. You'll be lucky to get a full trip out of them.

I keep these as my backup boots.
Cheap and good.
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Quote from: bmadd on August 25, 2016, 13:08:51 PM
I have a two step method that will work wonders in your situation.
Step 1: Take your wading boots and throw them in the trash.
Step 2: Buy new wading boots.

0:0  haaaa..Awesome.  yeah....I was afraid that would be correct answer.  I really liked these boots, too.  Hate to see them go, but I think they already went.


What JMiller said, there's not a glue that's going to give you any kind of fix for very long. You would just be avoiding the inevitable.


Dry you boots after using them. They will last longer. Being wet for days after wearing them breaks down the componets holding em together.

Peet boot dryer FTW

Woolly Bugger

Search for Barge Cement, that what old timers used , glue those puppies back together, wrap in duct tape and let em cure for a couple of days, do not remove tape.

But you might be better off just buying a new pair

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Shoe Goo is about as good as you will find, but those look kind of enfuckulated.
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Duct tape. Lots of duct tape.

Shit. I give up on boots. I've used Simms G3s, Orvis Access and Orvis Pivot. Ironically, the 70.00 pair of Korkers I bought in 2008 lasted longer than all of them combined.

My opinion? Buy the cheap boots on sale/closeout. Have a stockpile ready.


Sole separation is easier to fix than stitched seams popping loose. 
I'd load that bitch with gorilla glue and clamp it.
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tomato can

I've repaired that same boot with tons of shoe goo and it lasted another year.  same blow out also.


Carefully, cut the soles off the boots, buy lots of super glue, take your socks off and glue the soles directly to your feet......or you just might want to buy new boots


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