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Lost my camera

Started by Jfey, August 08, 2016, 09:39:19 AM

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Spent last week at the beach with the inlaws.   There was some normal shitshow activities that come with staying with your inlaws for a week, but overall it was a nice, relaxing time.  I was mostly excited because I was  taking the kayak down to explore some creeks.  I found a few access points that would put me in some good looking areas that don't get much if any boat traffic.   Everything worked as planned except the part where I lost my camera in the ocean the next day taking pics of the kids and I goofing around  b'; b'; b';    I only took a few iPhone pics, so instead you will have to read this report...

Woke up early to get the last remaining gear packed and to load the kayak.  It was already hot and  I was already regretting that last IPA before I closed my eyes.  I went back upstairs and threw a few extra beers in the cooler knowing I might need them.  I had only looked at the put-in on Google maps and was mildly surprised to find out that there was about a 2 foot drop from the boat dock to the water.  I contemplated going to another put-in but that would require another 15-20 mins of paddling.  Screw it.  Just don't fall in and you will be fine.   

Success.  I didn't fall in.

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It was about 2 1/2 hours before high tide(later than expected start due to beach drinks) and there were two areas I wanted to hit.  First was a small section of a creek close by, then a larger more expansive area that required a bit more paddling to get to.  Made the left turn into creek 1 and it was alive.   Anyone that has fished creeks know what I mean.  Baitfish jumping everywhere, big swirls from predator fish moving around and birds all around.  I took some  really good bird pics at this point before I started fishing.   In my mind I knew I should be sight fishing, but I couldn't resist bling casting to likely areas.   Cast, strip, strip, strip, strip, repeat.    Dammit.  Nothing is happening.  Maybe I should switch flies.  No dummy, it doesn't matter with reds and they fly you have on had caught reds in the past.  Cast, strip, strip, strip...dammit, stop thinking about the musky follow from last year and don't forget to strip set... Fish on!  Shit, he's off.   Must not have strip set well enough b';    Oh well, at least I know there are fish here.  Time for a beer to regroup, check knots etc.   Doesn't matter that its only 8:15am, you are on vacation.    I rested the kayak against some grass which gave me a good casting angle in front of a smaller creek mouth.   First cast, bam, fish on.  This time it was successful and I landed a very small red(puppy drum).  I was happy.  I took my kayak out to a new place and caught a fish.

The tide was coming in more and some of the really skinny areas now how water.  I've heard that redfish will get back in these areas and tail, but I have never seen it in person.  I heard some splashing around so I slowly made my way back into a small side creek that was barely wider than my kayak.   Sure enough, there is a tailing red.  I got a cool pic of that also.    Its tight, but I know I can make this cast.   I strip out some line, make the back cast, wtf... dammit.  Didn't look behind me and the fly hit a branch.   Luckily I was able to get it out without much commotion and the red was still there.   Back in the game I make a nice 20ft cast that landed directly on his head. b';   Not huge but prob 3-5 lbs.  Hard to tell exactly as it rocketed past my kayak into the main channel.  Oh well, that was still cool.    It was about 9:30am (high  tide at 10:39am) so I went back to the main channel and floated through the 1/4 mile or so twice with no more action. 

For all practical purposes it was  high tide, so I paddled to the next area to check it out.   Dammit, why didn't I come hear first.  Miles and miles or redfish nirvana.  At low tide, this would have been awesome, but at high tide the water was too high to see any movement.  I made  some fruitless blind casts and looked for some  tailers in skinny areas, but no love.   I paddled around some  more, mostly just exploring and enjoying the outdoors.  Took some really cool pics here also.   It was about 11:30 now and on top of the oppressive heat, I had not seen any fish activity for some time.   I rested the kayak against the grass and cracked  open a beer.   I was supposed to be back by noon, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave.  One of my many favorite things to do while outside it to sit back and watch what's going on.  I watched an ibis stalk an area, saw some pelicans fly overhead, enjoyed the occasional mullet jump, watched baitfish swim around, looked at the clouds and had an unknown bird squawk at me when I got too close.   I hadn't seen a person, boat or really heard any sounds other than birds and fish splashing all day.  Perfect.

About this time I get a text from my wife that reads "?????,  they kids are waiting on you to go to the beach"

Back to reality, even if it is beach reality.   

A thought crossed my mind on the paddle back.  Whenever I'm in my kayak fishing, I tend to use my hands to make small adjustments vs getting out the paddle each time.   Sharks, crocs etc are usually attracted to splashing around as it might be an easy prey.   I thought, well I can't imagine a shark of any size, being in here; but I wonder about crocs

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Swam right next to me  :o

Great day on the water and I reluctantly went back to roughing it 0:0

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Yup, going fishing


I'll be there in a few days. Thanks for the preview.



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Quote from: bmadd on August 08, 2016, 09:53:56 AM
DUDE! Sick fish!!!

Based on the size of it, the story worked better without pics
Yup, going fishing

Big J

Quote from: Jfey on August 08, 2016, 12:04:10 PM

Based on the size of it, the story worked better without pics
I feel like we are no longer talking about fish?  Jfey, we know you have big hands, we do not need stories about your pecker or pictures.


GPS coords or it didn't happen.

Woolly Bugger

Cool beans! Sux about loosing the camera [emoji328], maybe you'll get lucky and someone will find it and return it to you through the magic of the interwebs

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In response

Big J, I will email you a pic of my pecker, stop hinting at it and send me your email addy ;D

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WB:   My wife said the same thing.   I looked for it for hours right after I lost it, that night and the next morning.   If found, it will be a true test to the TG-2's waterproof ability.
Yup, going fishing


Welp. I don't fuck with SC. Unless it Myrtle Beach, of course :wank:

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