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The Most Dangerous Words on the Web

Started by Woolly Bugger, May 24, 2006, 00:03:07 AM

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Woolly Bugger

1. Free screensavers
2. Bearshare
3. Screensavers
4. Winmx
5. Limewire
6. Download Yahoo Messenger
7. Lime wire
8. Free ringtones

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Stuart R.

Whats wrong with limewire. I have used it with no known problems. :-*


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I was intorduced to Limewire by someone... what's the deal with it?



Any and all File sharing software poses danger if you are not careful. The article says that doing a search for the word limeware is a danger. Too many products and crap adware/spyware/trojans are out there and the people/companies that promote them use search specific words to attack your computer.

Example: you do a search for limeware...click a link that appears to be an offer to download...BAM, you now have 25 types of spyware.

As for Limeware itself, be smart. If you see a file that looks strange, stay away. Scan all files before opening.


i used limewire a long long time ago on my old win98 machine.  when i chose to uninstalled it, it left some files that for the life of me couldn't get rid of.  not sure if they did anything, but was very annoying whenever i went to clean the system.  i've stopped with the file sharing thing, too much risks with all that stuff going around.  be careful out there.

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