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December 05, 2021, 10:03:11 AM


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You really cant make this stuff up

Started by flyinlow, July 14, 2016, 14:35:34 PM

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"They were informed by somebody at the bridge that the river goes in a circle and if they put in there they would come back to their car," he said. "Not knowing anything, they set off on their little adventure."


Flea is not the best bassist of all time.



I bet they want $15 an hour, too. :D

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 How in the hell do they even stay alive being that dumb? My 5 year old knows the river doesn't go in a circle. :laugh:


Similar, but not-so-similar event happened on the Yaddy some years ago.  A friend of a friend concocted a plan to procure some beer, a babe, and canoe down the Yadkin.  The lad(s) were in successful in procuring the beer...they were under aged, and finding horny hottie.  It seems however that the lads did not forgot that water flows downhill, and not perpetually in giant eddies.  They drank, the two lads took turns fucking the girl, but after some time the sun started setting, and the realization set in that a proper planning hadn't taken place.  In the meantime, a worried father called the cops.  The two lads were greeted by cops and a very angry dad at 601 :banana072:


I saw that on the book of face and read the story, and laughed off my ass.

I've fished that river and yes it's rural, but how stupid do you have to be, at least they weren't in danger of starving.

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Woolly Bugger

How about the yahoos that jumped off the Bridge into the Yadkin at 32,000 cfs!

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My wife once worked at a library where they had a community help line, where patrons could call in on use a online chat for free help with various subjects.  One of the patrons called her in a panic because she had swallowed a whole ice cube, and had not yet crapped it out.

They are out there.