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104 miles of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Started by twinbridges, July 13, 2016, 15:44:47 PM

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The weather was perfect.  Cool, almost cold in the mornings, then pleasant all day.  After wonderful breakfast, different each day with lots of fresh fruit, your day begins.  Camp is broken down by the sweep boat operator.  The sweep boat is about 22 feet long and 10 feet wide with steering oars front and rear.  You don't control the speed at all!  Driving that rascal takes some experience and some serious horsepower.  And the helper is known as the "Swamper" and his main job is breaking tens and lugging all that shit to the sweep boat.  These kids just love the river.

The fishing was totally amazing, cuts on dries the whole time.  Everyday we caught between 70 and 100 of those rascals.  Some were small, most in the 12-15 range and a goodly number of 16-18 inches.  Totally amazing fishing.  The fly of choice is something big and bushy that can float  in turbulent water.  Stimulators of many colors and some golden stones.  That said, you had to make a decent cast and if you made a really good one you were most often rewarded with a great take in gin clear water.

It truly is wonderful to be in that much open space and experience the fishing and this incredible river.


Somewhere I lost the first of my post.  Damn.

Anyway, the trip is with Solitude River Trips.  It is 104 miles down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.  In 5 1/2 days you drop 3100 feet vertical.  There are class 4 plus rapids which in a raft is not so tough but in a drift boat there are not too many folks who can make it happen.  Solitude has 3 of these guys and they are truly amazing to spend a day in the boat with.  I call moves I did not know were possible in a drift boat.  They also have two fishing rafts, but the drift boats are the ticket for thrills.

The camps are great, the food amazing and the energy these folks have in making sure you catch fish, enjoy and understand the landscape and the history of the Middle Fork makes it very special.


Yup, going fishing


Holy crap! What an experience.  bd;0   0:0

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Someday before I fall over dead, I must go there. Looks like a fine place to be and a fine thing to be doing while you're there.

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As I have told an old friend who is 75 and keeps telling me what he plans to do........"you best not leave those things you really want to do, undone"


So true. However, things like gainful employment and poverty keep inserting themselves between myself and my wild-assed plans.

Women want me, doughbellies fear me.<br /><br />Little Debbie Prostaff


one day soon i will make this trip, i have heard in Twin's voice the excitement this river gives him and i will experience this...

and he was rowing us down rivers the day before he left, twin bridges is the river king!

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Woolly Bugger

Awesome trip! I keep saying, "one of these days"....


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me -There's a season?

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I typically ignore TR's in the Western Destination section due to getting jealous.  Should of ignored this one too.  Looks like a good time.