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PFF V 34 sign up

Started by Devinsdad, August 11, 2016, 17:45:55 PM

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All right everyone it is that time of year and yours truly has his shit together- for a change

Fall PFF will be held at Juddies on the South Holston OCTOBER 7,8,9 with early birds on Thursday the 6th.

Cost will be $40 for the weekend $45 if you are coming Thursday.

Main Cooks are lined up, barring any blow ups all we will need help with is Sous Chef and clean up.   You know the drill Volunteer or be drafted.

Send your deposit to

Bob Thomas
201 Ferstl Avenue
Belmont NC 28012

More to follow.. Can't wait.


Life's about havin' FUN!!!

Woolly Bugger

I'm in, who's cooking?

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As of right now
Croaker has agreed to cook Saturday night Low country boil
JT has Agreed to Vietnamese Chicken stew Friday night
MudPuppy is on for Sat Breakfast, Streamer is bringing fresh sausage and gormay coffee
If I have time, I will bring secret recipe sausage gravy and biscuits for Friday Morning.

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