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December 04, 2021, 16:24:38 PM


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Round 2

Started by BrookieHunter, May 12, 2016, 19:53:23 PM

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 After an unsuccessful mission earlier in the week I studied my maps and hatched a new route to my original target stream. After two hours of hiking, 1200' loss of elevation and a little bit of luck I finally succeeded in reaching the game land boundary and original target. Halfway in I realized I forgot the camera and the prerequisite hippie beer, so crummy cell phone picks and no beer is all I've got. The fishing was pretty good with some of the bigger holes producing several fish, not the oversize eat anything that hits the water brook trout everybody dreams of being in some of these unpressured hard to reach waters (I can't talk about where those are at 8) but the water was big enough and had enough bugs that it should have potential for at least a few 10"-12" fish in there somewhere. Those red newts were everywhere from about halfway in all the way to the bottom. It's going to be time for some lazy ass DH water next week after this weeks hike fest.     

Woolly Bugger

Everything except for the hike sounds and looks great!

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Nice brookies.

Good to see ya give it another go. I like the newt. Pretty creek.


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Big J

You sure fish a lot, I'm jealous. 


Good deal!  'c;  The one time that I fished that, I liked everything except the hike out.

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That newt picture is really cool!  Looks like a pretty good trip