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way cool... chestnut trees found in GA

Started by walt, May 18, 2006, 19:31:48 PM

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American Chestnut Foundation...

there are some chestnut trees in Stone Mountain Park too.... :)

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That is pretty cool, I used to run into a bunch of them when I was out hunting ginseng with my Dad and Brother, none of them more than a few inches in diameter though.  There is still a lot of the wood from them around in fences, barns, furniture, etc.


I saw the remains of one that was probley 2' in diameter on the grounds of WCU behind Reynolds Hall. It is a shame that there are no more big ones. I hope the project in GA is succesful.

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If you have nuts on your chest, what do you have?......... Chestnuts

If you have nuts on a beech, what do you have?......... Beechnuts

If you have nuts on a wall, what do you have?.......... Walnuts

If you have nuts on your chin, what do you have?

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Yeah, from time to time someone will find a tree big enough to have nuts on it, but they don't last long.  Usually in a year or two, the blight kills them.  I have had the privelage of eating some of the nuts, though.  They are incredable!