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Wading boot recomendations

Started by themidge, January 02, 2016, 11:10:57 AM

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Hello all and Happy New Year.

Got a new pair of waders for Christmas, and in the market for a pair of wading boots. Looking for something that can double as a hiking boot that I can wear to/from the stream on no more than 10 mile hikes. Any suggestions? Do others "hike" in their wading boots? I've finally upgraded to big boy waders, and your kind recommendations would be appreciated.


January 02, 2016, 11:29:26 AM #1 Last Edit: January 02, 2016, 11:36:54 AM by Dee-Vo
I usually will hike in my wading boots unless it's just many miles. I've got the Simms Freestones in felt and I added studs. They've been great.

The Chotas I had didn't last long.

Woolly Bugger

If hiking more than a mile or two, I actually prefer carrying boots / waders and gear in a backpack and gearing up at the river, felts on leaves are slippery.
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I've got a pair of very lightly used korkers red side boots for sale.
Size 11.  Felt & Rubber soles.  Rubber sole is unused.  Felt is good, & can still see part of the logo on the bottom.
Pm me if your interested.
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January 04, 2016, 08:38:26 AM #4 Last Edit: February 07, 2019, 16:58:00 PM by Woolly Bugger
Quote from: Grannyknot on January 04, 2016, 08:18:02 AMI've got a pair of very lightly used korkers red side boots for sale.
Size 11.  Felt & Rubber soles.  Rubber sole is unused.  Felt is good, & can still see part of the logo on the bottom.
Pm me if your interested.

Is the sizing chart on their website accurate? Here it is. It says a Size 11 would be more of a 10-10.5 US size, which is perfect for me.


Would you take an even trade for this LL Bean Remote Waters FishPack? About 4-5 years old, they don't make them anymore. Gently used, probably similar to the use on your boots. I got a new 65L pack so no need for this one. It is 45-50L I believe, has waterproof bottom compartment for waders.

Mine in action:


i've got a closet full of packs.
yes, i believe the size 11s are probably comparable to a 10.5 in a standard shoe.
Flea is not the best bassist of all time.

Da Heisenberg

I have gone through a lot of boots in the last few years.

I currently have Orvis Access boots with Vibram soles and studs installed. They are durable; I beat the hell out of mine. The only problem is the weight. While I do hike into streams wearing them, they feel like you have concrete blocks on your feet after a few hours.

When I bought the Access boots, I almost got the Orvis Pivot (BOA) instead. Most people I know that have them said they suck and fall apart fast. I was told so many have been returned that Orvis is discontinuing them.

Prior to them I had the Korkers with interchangeable soles. They were a cheaper, interim solution. They are lightweight, but they will fall apart after a bit of abuse, particularly hiking in them. The rubber soles suck without studs, the felt work fine. I still have mine even with cracks and tears in them, they are still holding up. I tend to use them in summer when wet wading. For 70.00 I got 5 years out of them.

Prior to the Korkers, I had an older style of Simms. Simms makes good boots, but they are expensive. I tore a sole off of mine and sent them back for repair, two months later I was sending them back again. They replied that I had a out of production boot and they would give me a 50.00 on new ones. I said fuck it and started trying other brands.


I destroy boots, also.
Korkers. Simms. Cabelas.
I get 1 - 1 1/2 years tops out of any of them.
Felt w/studs is the rule.
For now it's Cabelas. They put them on sale often and I have a shit ton of Cabelas points and GC's.
I keep an old pair of Korkers w/o studs for bote wear.
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Although I didn't use them much in 2015, Chota STL's are the most comfortable boots I have used.  This is my second pair and I had the first pair for a long time with a bunch of hikes in and out.

The fact that they have some "give" to the sole makes their performance in the stream better (I can feel the bottom, rocks, etc. better than a real stiff sole) and a much better hike in and out experience. 

I had good wear in the first pair, so I don't agree with the "didn't last long" comment, mine at least, did.

I think the price is middle of the road, but still not cheap.

My $.02 since you asked.



Big J

Am I the only one rocking vibram wading boots with cleats?
"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." Hemingway

Da Heisenberg


I did till all my cleats fell out.

Big J

Quote from: the_sculpinator on January 06, 2016, 16:39:26 PM

I missed your reply.

Go Vibram with some Star Bite Cleats if your wanting to hike in them.  I have had no issues with traction or not getting the miles out of my Freestone boots. 
"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." Hemingway

Da Heisenberg

I never tried those cleats. I am currently using the Orvis posi-grip. Been in a year, still grabbing and I fish some slippery shit.
I will probably go back to Simms boots because the Orvis ones I have are too heavy.

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