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Spinner Flies

Started by badankles, May 11, 2006, 11:32:49 AM

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May 11, 2006, 11:32:49 AM Last Edit: May 11, 2006, 11:36:07 AM by badankles

we haven't had a good debate in a long time, so thought i bring one up for discussion.

i'm still just a beginner at this and a bit overwhelmed with the number of flies out there.  well, here's one that i've not heard anyone mentioned in this forum before (maybe prior to my joining?) but what do you think of the spinner flies?

i found one on the river bank a few months back and Googled it.  here are some pics and an article:

article from warmwaterflyfisher.com - http://warmwaterflyfisher.com/classicflies/ClassicFlyRodLures_2.htm

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i've not tried it, all the hardware on it is a bit intimidating for my 5wt.  i'll probably give it a try on a pond/lake where there's casting room.  maybe even today... ;D
when's a newbie no longer a newbie...


May 11, 2006, 18:26:19 PM #1 Last Edit: May 11, 2006, 18:28:52 PM by phg

Those spinners look to be designed for a spinning rod, but putting a streamer  behind a spinner is an old flyrod tactic.  It's a good way to add a bit of weight to get the fly down in fast water. I used to use them a lot back in the '60's.  It takes a 6wt, or better, to effectively control them, and yes they work.  I have caught an 18" large mouth bass on a #10 bucktail behind a 00 spinner.

In my baitfishing days, my standard rig was a 00 spinner and a #10 gold abredeen hook.  Using a old fiberglass flyrod I could place that pretty much where I wanted to.   On moving water, it was a deadly combination.


I think the biggest issue is the treble hook behind the spinner. Otherwise its just another trick in the box.



Times fun when you're having flies.


No way. I saw an article about the in American Angler recently, but they seem like a lure to me rather than a fly.
Here's the only spinner fly I will use...

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Sure I'd use them if I was meat fishing. I'm sure they would be very effective 0--0

Yea, I'm redneck, so what!


BTW-  I think those were ment to be used with a spinning rod. I wouldn't be interested in trying to strip those suckers  fast enough to make that blade spin , or casting them on a fly rod.

Yea, I'm redneck, so what!


I plan to tie some Buggers with a spinner infront for the FB Rv. smallies. Single hook. I will probably use a 6wt. I don't see a problem with a streamer (single hook) having a little prop blade. For trout it would probably work if the stream was big enough to get some movement going on. I don't care much for a treble hook on a fly legal or not.

Brad  8)

Brad  8)


I thought about trying something like this last week - fishing with my son and grandsons - they were catching bass and a couple of northerns on black spinner baits - I was using black streamers and dry files with no positive results - might try this technique tomorrow using a spinner from a tiny panther martin - not exactely a purist approach, but sometimes you have to use what might work.


Brad, you don't actually need the blade to spin.  It just needs to wiggle enough to catch the light and flash.  Letting it tumble in moving water often is enough.  Also, casting across and down, and a moderate jerky retrieve.  By the way, the spinner has the added advantage of providing a bite proof extension to your hook, if you are fishing for toothy species.