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October 20, 2021, 16:48:23 PM


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Paging VA dudes

Started by Onslow, July 05, 2015, 19:05:24 PM

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Finally discovered this.  http://usfs.maps.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?layers=ec3a61c6cd814342a60d5fa75b605c8a

Have been searching high and low for some time for a map that defines the public NF boundaries for Va.  Much to my surprise, a piece of water that I've been eying for years is NF on one side and private on the other.  The private side is heavily posted and the NF side is damned near inaccessible.  I'm not deterred however.  This stream is oh fertile and spring fed.....then flows through a high gradient gorge.

Question then is simply this.  Have any of you codgers up north found yourselves on a stream that forms public/private boundary?  If so were there any issues. 

Big J

Many many streams have I hiked on NF around and behind private property to get on a stream.  I can think of a hand full.  Me and AKAaron did a prime example of what your talking. 


Yeah that was sketchy. I'm pretty sure we could have stayed on NF land if we had wanted but it would have been a lot more walking.


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Here is the deal, the creek is mainly private and then skirts NF for two miles.  One bank is private, the other is one NF.   This situation is a new one on me. 


when has the possibility of sketch ever deterred you old phal....watch for the trip wires and please oh please wear sasquatch suit for the game cameras  d:b

Big J

I say if its half private half NF, I'd give it a go. Stay on NF side as much as possible. One stream i have in mind, the private owner has signs on a trout stream that say no fishing. Called the department and asked if there signs hold any water considering there are NF markers on the other side of stream. They told me they would check into signs and that the private owner owns up to the stream, but not the stream. Said I could fish it. Never did follow up or fish it again because it was kind of marginal water

Big J

I'll find my TR today for that trip


The stream we fished Friday was red blazed on the opposite bank. For miles. So is the next stream to the north. No issues.
One owner down low has some posted signs up, but I have fished it without a problem. It does not hold a candle to water higher up, so I won't try it again. Technically, I think you are OK. But if the landowner is a shit and the lawman won't go your way, I'd move along.

Many streams in SNP are posted like hell on the bottom. You have to risk getting shot or a visit from the sheriff. Otherwise, come in from the top. Long hikes ensue.

Big J


Here you go.  I forgot I got semi run off the stream.  Doug is right, depends on the owner. I would hit it if there is one side NF and argue that there is NF/plead ignorance if the lawman is called. 




This stream of interest is probably the most unusual watershed in the state of VA, thus the reason for the temptation.

Lotta nifty creeks in the SW.  It is a pity this area sees no representation  on this forum.  If anyone wants to test this piece,  pm me.  NB and DF are within reasonable proximity.

Michael Toris

Don't go chasing waterfalls

Stick to the rivers and the lakes

That you are used to


I fished a crick near Damascus with one side NF and the other private. When I descended back to the car I was greeted by a nasty old bitch who said she had called the cops. Yawn. I promptly got in the car and bailed back to NC. Thank fuck Robs_Seven's cabin was a mere 7 miles from the border and we took off like Dukes of Hazard.

Phal, don't end up like that twit who didn't take the initiative to stay the fuck off the Jackson.

There's far superior pune streams in NC than VAgina ANNNND our small population of southern strain ain't heretics or inbred with those nasty Maine brookies, mayne V:;


There is a special reg stream in VA that shares a border like this and is hard-ish to get to.  Never had an issue with the landowners there, though it's always in the back of my mind as I fish past a couple of the houses.  Wish I had enough spare time to go on this ditch adventure with you PiW...  Think any of the adjoiners would agree to let you cross?  Hard to imagine anybody would give you any grief for being on the stream, in that there is pretty much no way they would see you, but finding a good, discreet place to park is key.