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checking in

Started by twinbridges, June 27, 2015, 17:54:28 PM

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sprry for the absence but it is kinda slow around here.  Big Hole at 600 cfs something and falling, Jeff is low and slow, Madison a little better , Beaverhead has some water at 600 something and is fishing ok.  It is going to be a long summer with not much hope for more water as there is none on the mountains left.

Looked all over Mt. this mornng and it does not seem to be much better anywhere else.  Rock Creek still has some water so If you are out this way nd have not given it a try I would say give it a go.  GOod camping right along the river.

Leave Tuesday for round two floating 6 days 5 nights down the middle fork of the salmon with Solitude River Trips. Lots of cutts and a few bulls to boot.  Water is short this year there as well so we will fly downriver about 25 miles or so to a grass strip to begin.  Still leaves about 75 miles and about 3000 feet of vertical.  very much looking forward to some clear fast water!

Sorry the report is not more optimistic but have not had a cocktail yet today to begin to think of snow in august.....


These are long gone but really good about three weeks ago!


A little mountain climbing




Beetle and I will arrive in Craig the 17th.  Come on up and join us on the Mo if things get too skinny down your way.  I suspect everyone in MT will be there with us.



Thanks for the offer and I might very take you up on it.  Friends just up there and said yes it was BUSY but pretty good fishing below Stickley and not as crowed.  Fished great late in the day.


Zoom in on second pic to see vehicle.  At about 9000 msl where I had never been.  Busted some cow elk up there.  Dead reckoning over the mountain to the big hole above notch bottom


I really like your roof top tent.  Is that a Cascadia or autohome?

I had looked at a few of them for my car, but was pretty shocked at the price.

Flea is not the best bassist of all time.


Autohome.  Camped in sleet, snow and 45+ winds.  All good.  Quick up and down.  Really well built and comfortable.