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Started by AK Aaron, June 11, 2015, 20:13:09 PM

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I've said it so many times & have known it since I was just a young boy starting fires in our wood stove in the dead of winter, a proper fire is NOT built like a damn log cabin it's built like a pyramid (or teepee as I like to say).



Who the fuck build a log cabin fire??

benben reincarnated

I did once Jason, I was backpacking in Rabun County Ga during tropical storm Arlene.   Look at the precip maps for extreme northeast Ga during that storm.   Yep, I was in it.   It was the only way we could keep a good fire started and going.   


Please explain, I admit that I have very little experience building fires in the rain. But wouldn't an log cabin be more susceptible to getting rained out? Unless a log cabin fire is different than what I call a log cabin fire.

benben reincarnated

We had a bunch, I should say all, wet wood.   We wanted to expose the most wood to the inner fire to dry it out.  We capped it up top and stacked it pretty open on all the "walls".  It sure as shit worked. 


good to know next time i'm backing packing in the middle of a tropical storm...

benben reincarnated

Only way to go man.  Big or go home. 


Quote from: troutfanatic on June 11, 2015, 20:39:50 PM

Teepee is correct by my training. Taught at both the Aircrew survival course and in the Army SERE manual.

Proof & truth.

The Dude

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