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September 26, 2021, 14:35:26 PM


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Reef donkeys

Started by driver, June 07, 2015, 16:51:40 PM

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The cobia left... so looking for something to do and unexpected flat seas I rode out to a wreck to see if u could find some Amberjack .

Found em.
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Quote from: driver on June 07, 2015, 18:46:54 PM

didn't keep any.

IMHO Amber Jack (Reef Donkeys) fall into the same category as Chum Salmon (Dog Fish)  -  There are better eating fish when they are available but the locals eat plenty of both when they are not. They also have a commercial market.  I've eaten both and they are very good. Chum are especially good smoked.

Michael Toris

Amberjack is damn good pan seared


I really don't want to deal with cutting out all of the worms. And besides with a freezer full of fish I don't need to add to it.


Damn Driver, you look like you are in your groom kit after marriage on the beach.

Amberjaggoffs. Them bastards are mean n fast.

Well played!

AL trout bum

That's pretty sweet. You mentioned cobia, they are HIGH on my "To Catch on the Fly" List. I need to start planning an assault for next year as the migration is pretty much over for this year.

"Sloppy and rough wading have saved more trout than any regulation written by man."


Yeah, Cobia are high on mine too. Didn't get one this year. Hopefully I'll get more chances to go next year.


Sitting here at my computer eating breakfast, getting ready to go catch river donkeys.. But damn I wish I was riding out to a reef this morning.  :'(