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December 01, 2021, 11:27:05 AM


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Kephart/Pitch/Camping/Stocker/Native Perfect Days

Started by Mudwall Gatewood, May 25, 2015, 19:44:02 PM

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Mudwall Gatewood 3.0

Last weekend was enjoyable at Kephart Days. Camping with the "gear" from the Classic/Golden Age of Camping appears to be a hoot.  I ran into an old acquaintance that I worked with years ago at Oak Ridge TN; Bill is now known at the Appalachian Hippie Poet and bark basket guru.

I rushed back to VA on Sat. to make the 7:30 showing with the family of Pitch Perfect 2.  Yes, I liked it!

Then on Sunday it was to the mountains for some alone time camping, cooking on an open fire, some new reading, and some leather work. Camping alone for 3 nights and 4 days is refreshing.

Family joined me on Friday evening.  It was time to catch stockers for the freezer.

Today was wild brookie time; caught several.

"Enjoy every sandwich."  Warren Zevon

Mudwall Gatewood 3.0

"Enjoy every sandwich."  Warren Zevon


Just bought God is Red.  Thank you kind sir for the rec even if unintentional. 

Big J

I bet you were happy as a clam at high tide at that Kephart Days thing.  Nice brookies too.   /'/

Woolly Bugger

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kkkkool! <-;:

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I feel as if I took a step back in time, no wait, Mudwall posting his sentimental trout tongue raping stuff ::)