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Cabela's CGR Fiberglass Rod

Started by AK Aaron, April 28, 2015, 11:49:24 AM

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I remember a few of you getting this rod back when they first came out. I've been thinking of getting one but wanted to see what people's thoughts were on them.



I have the 5'9" 3 weight. Absolutely love it, highly recommend it. Easy to backpack with, and tough. Stiff enough for solid casts, but supple enough for great fighting action. I have a small 2/3 Lamson reel on it, and it matches perfectly. Cork holds up well too, since the reel seat is cork too. Perfect blue-line rod.


I have the 6/7 wt model. Bought it for smallmouth and haven't had a chance to fish it. I did get it out to cast and it's smooth with a lot of power. Hope to find out real soon what it's like fishing.


Had the 3/4. It's a noodle. Gave it to my ex-bro in law. I can check to see if the a-hole even uses it and if not, get it from him n give it to you. I don't like glass, it's action is way too slow. Gimme summadat hoodrat salt water style broomsticks. Make 'em pay. -+;


I want something so slow I can stop and make a ham sandwich while I'm waiting on the backcast to straighten out. 


Find yourself a rod built on the Lamiglass honey blanks. Honey describes the action and the color. A great little dry fly blank.


why did you start at this desolate place?

I would have gladly let you fish new/old glass a few weeks ago.
Beer interference?

CGR's are ok. Go a line size up. Great value.
My 3wt Echo is true to size. $100+ difference.

Glass gives you a slower action. A tougher rod. A softer tippet protection.

Han samich, chikin salad rod.

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you think the echo is worth the extra $100?


Not sure about value. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. That $ value topic is a toughie.
I just know I have zero regrets. And a lifetime warranty from Echo is nice, too.

The original CGR was soft and whippy.
Then the CGT's were too fast and you had to really overline them. Too much like graphite for glass fans.
They went back to the new CGR's and softened em up again.
Have not owned a CGR. Just giving you feedback what I have gathered from many who have one.


Quote from: bmadd on April 28, 2015, 14:37:00 PM
Find yourself a rod built on the Lamiglass honey blanks. Honey describes the action and the color. A great little dry fly blank.

Agree on this,  I have a 2/3 weight lami and it is ham sandwich slow.   The 2/3 is pretty limited to dry flys(imo) and I would probably get  a 3/4 for a little more versatility.   

Doug's echo is muy bueno and has a surprising amount of power.   

There's a ton of info on fiberglass flyrodders.com.  Also, Cam at Fiberglass Manifesto has a pretty sweet loaner program if you want to test drive.

Yup, going fishing


i borrowed a t&t hierloom rod from fiberglass manifesto one time.  cool rod.  pricey.


Thanks, Jeff. I forgot about TFM program imma gon see about getting a loaner from them.

SJWH, do you remember how long it took to get the rod once you requested it?

And Doug, I wasn't too drunk to think of asking you, I was too hung over to think. 


Don't remember, sorry.  He is quick about replying to emails though.