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17 April Friday

Started by twinbridges, April 19, 2015, 10:28:31 AM

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We fished the Big Hole today from Glen to Notch.  18 degrees when we left and 66 when we got off the river.  A sparkling day on the river with little wind.  Started off with big Purple Haze Chubby and a black stonefly nymph.  It did not take long and we were steadedly catching nice trout, both browns and bows.  If you could see a trough in the river and let a fly slide into it, you had a trout.

About noon we had stopped for a break and there were skawlas climbing around everywhere.  Tied on something that was similar and in two cast a dry eat and then it only got better.  Up near the bank in a good holding spot and  a great big take.  No giant fish but all in the 13-17 range.  Eat after eat and you know it is good to be in Montana in April.  Yea, the weather can be all over the place but the fishing is incredible when it all lines up.  No kidding I bet 50 trout to the net and one "Montana Bonefish"  aka,  Whitey.





I remember snow inside the park at the beginning of July one year and then 80 degrees that afternoon.

Fine report & pictures. Keep it coming.


Those fish look like physical fitness buffs. :D

Stalk softly and carry a green stick.


Yea, you can tell these trout had an easy winter.  The ones up the Ruby the other day were healthy but certainly a bit on the thin side.

Saw first caddis in town yesterday!