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December 03, 2021, 21:54:01 PM


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Low Country/Congaree?

Started by natureboy, March 16, 2015, 09:51:43 AM

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Will be making a run that way soon to hopefully acquire some free range bacon.  I think we'll be between Columbia and Lake Marion, worth bringing along the fly rod?


You can fish stockers in the Saluda....some nice holdovers.

Savannah shoals in Augusta fishes well but wading is limited...and floating requires a shuttle. I have a 10 acre pond with usual warm water fishes....I'm 30 minutes west of Columbia...about an hour from Santee. When exactly you gonna be around?


Floating the Edisto or comparable river with flyrod and rifle would be awesome.


There are some killer treehouses you can stay in on the edi-slow along the way.  You probably aren't getting this far down but check out the recent nat geo story on the ACE Basin.  Some friends in there.


This coming weekend.  Friend of a friend has a place on the river, supposedly has a boat or two.  Will probably pick up a 3 day license and pack the 7wt just in case.


Did not fish, but laid low many pounds of free range pork.  Turkeys were talking, but not interested in what I was selling.   -0-


The carn(itas)age. Time to give the smoker a workout.  <-;:


That is some cloven hoof goodness.  'c;



Bad ass.  I can meet you at the Dobson exit on 77 on your return trip, thanks.

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


Atta Boy

Damn, I love cutting up hogs and smokin' them bad boyz    'c;

Stone -Man Sharpening Knife Now




Nice....I haven't been able to time the stripers right for the past few years.....but now that I'm getting off the road maybe my chances will improve.

Kudos on a good day!  bd;0