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October 19, 2021, 12:07:14 PM


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Arrival in Twin

Started by twinbridges, April 09, 2015, 20:08:10 PM

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After a winding 3800 miles exploring America sans interstate highways I arrived in Twin to find Springlike conditions but folks are telling me winter is coming!

Had barely made town when three people the skawlas are on the Big Hole and an invite to fish Monday.  He wanted to know if I could go then rather than unpack etc and other responsible tasks.  That was hardly a question.

So, the calfs are all born and laying in the fields, not knowing they will spend the summer in the "park" lands in the mountains.  If you think maybe being a guy is good the this might be your place.  Lounge in the cool mountains in the summer and spend the winters in the valley eating alfalfa.

Big Hole about a thousand cfs which is fine for now.  More snow is on the order listbutthereistimeto get it done.  Was in Jackson Wy last evening with thunder snow and ice pellets.

Feels great to be back.


Maybe should read for edits before post.  Guy should be cow.  Don't remoeber what throats line was supposed to be.



Keep drinkin. But especially,  keep reportaging the rugged west.


How's the water situation looking for the year?  I was looking at Snotel a few days ago and snow pack looked light for a lot of drainages.  Are folks worried?



I enjoy these posts very year.  Switching cow with guy does change the story a bit  :D

Yup, going fishing


As always we worry about water.  Last year this time as you might recall we were fat with snow and as a sign of confidence I said all the guides had new trucks.  Then early runoff, then dry and by mid June we were wanderfing around trying to stay sober.  And then it rained and we were floatin high.

So now it looks skinny to me.  We have time to get some snow and cold weather but we need it to happen.  That said upper Big Hole watershed looks pretty good while the  Upper Ruby from the Gravellies not much snow.

The strategy is simple.  Put the boat in the water and fish like hell.  What will be will be.  We have  a lot of water around with the Big Hole, Ruby, Beaverhead, Jefferson and Madison. And of course your can do a short road trip to the Missouri, Flathead, Bitteroot etc.  And if that is a bust we can stand in river drink in hand and throw rocks at each other.