Titan Rod Vault With FREE Vinyl Wrap

Started by JunkForDreams, March 27, 2015, 10:23:35 AM

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Time is better spent fishing than getting ready to fish – at least that's our philosophy! The Titan Rod Vault allows you to easily load all of your gear including up to 3 fully rigged rods and reels, and get on your way. No more hooks in the seats (or your arms), rattling and bouncing rods or even the more embarrassing 'rods under the windshield wipers' gimmick. When your rods are conveniently secured away in the Titan Rod Vault that awesome drive out the river will be that much more relaxing and enjoyable without you worrying about damaging your gear or your vehicle's interior. Travel with rods fully rigged and ready to go. No more hooks in the seats of your vehicle interior. More convenient than other in-vehicle rod carriers.



If you really want to look douchey, get that.  n!n

Better rod holder for this forum:

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