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October 19, 2021, 10:22:18 AM


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Unit size or toe nail fungus?

Started by Mudwall Gatewood, March 06, 2015, 13:06:05 PM

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Mudwall Gatewood 3.0


"It's the personal health question most men want answered more than just about any other: how do I measure up?"

Is that true?  How do I measure up, really is the most common personal health concern for men?

Not me!  Doc, I have nail fungus on my left big toe.  It is the only nail affected.  If I take a good sized rock and smash my left big toe nail with enough energy to force the loss of the fungi riddled keratin, and immediately start an antifungal treatment after the old one falls off, will a new, clean toe nail grow back?   Yep, that is my personal health question.

"Enjoy every sandwich."  Warren Zevon

Big J

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Here is how they measure things in Thailand.

In the original native culture of Thailand , when males reached the age of 18 they had to participate in the following community ceremony: They lay themselves stark naked in a large circle, feet facing inward.  A beautiful young naked girl kneels over the ankles of
each of the men.

She places a blob of honey and various crushed sweet fruits around his navel to attract flies and other insects.

(This keeps them off his face during the ceremony)

A young  specially chosen nubile and very beautiful naked girl then does a sexy and sensuous dance in the center of the circle.

As soon as all the men become fully aroused, the kneeling girls then reach over the knees, pull the erect penises downwards
as much as they can and then, on a given signal from the center dancer release them. The mens penises would then spring back up and go "WHAP!" against their belly buttons.

This exercise was a measurement of the strength of their masculinity.  The man who killed the most flies was elected to the court of the King.

And that, folks, is why the capital of Thailand came to be named Bangkok .  ;D

Bet you never knew this.  :o


It was on my trip to Thailand that I broke my nose...


Quote from: tw5270 on March 06, 2015, 19:11:29 PM

It was on my trip to Thailand that I broke my nose...

You must really like honey.

"The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence."

― Charles Bukowski


Yup, going fishing


Ouch! Should have seen that coming. I thought I was being clever.