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May 16, 2021, 09:45:25 AM


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Movie Thread.

Started by RiverbumCO, December 22, 2014, 19:29:02 PM

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If you need a happy pick-me-up, go watch "Green Inferno" on Netflix.  :laugh:
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Mudwall Gatewood 3.0

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Ken Burns Hemingway premiers 4/5/21

I watched the series and recorded to watch again later.  Well done I thought, but I was stunned to learn how often the truth seemed to escape Hemingway.
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Quote from: troutrus on April 11, 2021, 18:51:45 PMI have enjoyed some of his work. Great author in my opinion.
Aside from that, over the years I had heard him described as a narcissistic, misogynist piece of shit. Apparently that portrayal was fairly accurate.
Killed a lot of big fish for sure.

We DVR'd it and have watched 2 nights worth so far. Trout's is right - my sentiments as well.


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Wife and I found it Interesting, entertaining, educational. Eight episodes about one hour each. Conveniently viewed at your leisure via PBS Passport App.


Good one on Netflix about some really wonderful people.

Woolly Bugger

Zookeeper looks like a great story during tragic times.

I just listened to Dan Carlin's Ghosts of the Ostfront I - IV for the third time, after listening to Supernova of the East I -V, in anticipation of the final episode VI which I hope will be released soon. (PM for links)

I just watched Downfall again and wated to watch Das Boot the movie, but found the HULU series instead, watched Episodes ! & 2 so far...

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