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Thinking of buying an obscure rod I don't need

Started by sanjuanwormhatch, October 20, 2014, 15:02:14 pm

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Anyone know of any 'glass switch rods currently on the market?  I know that echo is releasing some next year but looking for something now. 


I think the only currently available are custom rods, unnless their's a vintage model I'm not aware of. I know James Green out in Cali rolls glass switch blanks and I think CTS does and I know Swift is offering some now as well.


Yea Epic has one in the works.  Glass has a good action for the spey cast.  My biggest problem was moving too fast thru the setup.  Glass would force you to slow up.  What are you speying?

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


I'm really getting it to have something to get me excited about fishing the hooch DH this winter.  I know a cool spot that's away from all crowds and believe it or not, there could possibly be some decent size fish in there.  I figure a 5wt glass switch rod will be cool to cast even if I'm not catching fish.  Plus I need to prepare for when I go to PNW in 2000-never. 


Glass switch rod? Sounds like trouble. First off, why the fuck anyone fishes that shit anymore is beyond me. Second? If you can't rip a 90ft blast with a graphite? You'd be the proverbial fucktard driving a Honda Fit to a Tesla get together. Think twice. Glass is gay. That is all


90ft is doable with the right line.  Switch/spey  rods arent super fast tapered to start with.  Tranny is harshing up my mellow right now.  Way harsh.

SJW.  You buy one and ill entertain the idea and maybe we can do a speycation somewhere between us.  Not DH though.

Also if you took a 5wt to the PNW they would laugh at you.  Even the bobber guys.

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


October 20, 2014, 20:10:19 pm #6 Last Edit: October 20, 2014, 20:22:35 pm by wildmttrout

I would buy a spinning rod before I started this whole fiberglass fly rod thing. I just don't do glass. Feels terrible.

I ride with Tranny


Glass is like a classic car. It's not for every monkey face wearing putz.

Real men blast glass.  n!n


I wish I could cast a glass rod worth a shit,  but I can't. I can barely get by with a graphite. I say use the technological advances


Forgot that option. Modifying that 8 ft featherweight to a spey rod is popular enough that there are a few places selling kits. I have the rod and I'd say it needs a heavy 5 to 6 wt line so could be an option.

benben reincarnated

Quote from: bmadd on October 20, 2014, 22:00:27 pm

Forgot that option. Modifying that 8 ft featherweight to a spey rod is popular enough that there are a few places selling kits. I have the rod and I'd say it needs a heavy 5 to 6 wt line so could be an option.

If you are a little handy:



Bros, allow me to be defensive here for a second.

1. Pnw reference was in the spirit of learning spey casts which I think are typically the same no matter the weight of the rod (with slight variations).

2. I pointed out and acknowledged that said rod is one dimensional and easily replaceable at best.  I get that.

3.  That being said, sure there are ways that make more sense to catch fish but the same could be said for fly fishing in general.

4. In all honesty I'm not sure I can cast 90 feet of line with a single hander.

Now, let's hug it out.

I'm all for a speycation. I seriously am going to take a cheap trip to pnw at some point. Probably won't catch shit but I'll be drunk the whole time and will be the guy overcasting showing off my cast. Bc would be awesome but have you seen the licensing requirements?  Gawdalmighty.

Thanks bennen. That just might work. Wonder how am 8 foot two hander casts?  For that money it's worth finding out. Now I just need dougfish to sell me one of them ol timey reels.

Mudwall Gatewood 3.0

"Enjoy every sandwich." Warren Zevon

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