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How much rain you guys get?

Started by 9ft4wt2, April 08, 2006, 22:18:43 PM

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Looks like some places in Virginia may have gotten a fair amount of rain. Richmond has had light to moderate drizzle all day. Don't think we will get much.

Looks like SWVA got drenched, hope there are no damages from flooding.


Busta Brown

April 09, 2006, 08:26:31 AM #1 Last Edit: April 09, 2006, 08:29:46 AM by Busta Brown

Dan, We didn't get much here in the foothills but the mountains got some that was much needed. Went up in the Boone area and had a good day fishin' and the water was up. Pray for more.



We got some here around Mars Hill. Enough to stain up the streams early. I went honey doin and shopping with the family  :-\ It misted all evening off and on. Today might be pretty good.

Brad  8)

Brad  8)


We got a fair amount of rain but the Watauga is fairly clear with a slight stain. The South Holston always clears quickly. The mountain streams are slightly stained and flowing higher.


Beats me, my rain gauge quit working ??? The lake to my favorite tailwater has come up 6' & rising, which means i'm going to have to get a gas loan to go fishing Sunday >:(
Of course, that's better than the tornadoes that missed us by a few miles.



Here on the eastern edge of piedmont, we got two gentle all day soakings.  I didn't get the rain guage out quickly enough, but I doubt that it was more than 1/2" between both days.  It was just what we needed, though.  The ground soaked it all up, everything looks fresh and green, and it settled the pollen for a day or two.  Looking good for Easter....


We didn't get near enough.  Varied from .3 inches up.  Fished a blue line near the WVA line Sunday and you couldn't tell it at rained a drop.

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'bout an inch of much needed rain down here.

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