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One for a laugh

Started by Onslow, July 31, 2014, 16:26:45 PM

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July 31, 2014, 16:26:45 PM Last Edit: August 01, 2014, 09:06:14 AM by Phallus in Wonderland

Had high hopes for today.  The local river has been menstruating frequently and heavily in the last couple years.  I was  quite anxious to get on it now that conditions are prime.

The BRP in Wilkes received some 50 inches of rain in three months last Summer.  The flooding seems to have adversely impacted this river and possibly some of it's tribs.  I've performed terribly on this water or the local shit ain't performing depending on one's perspective.

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9 am.  Fuck me.  This is result of trying to lift too much line.  Line came up low and smacked the shit out of my hand.

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Fuck you very much.

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Damn it.  I'm gonna stick around for a while.

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Punes damn it.  Cut the day short @ 12.30

Kinda tough to strip with 4 inches of rabbit strip dangling over the line.  Stripped the dangle about 10 times....ouch.

Tried to extract the hook but couldn't shove the hook through b';  Had to find a pro


Damn dude, that doesn't look fun.  You get the Harry Hardcore award for the day.  Good reason to mash the barbs.

Yup, going fishing


Safe to assume that gloves would have not prevented zonker-finger.

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


THIS is why I go barbless.

Harry Hardcore award, indeed.   bd;0

Big J

Man, I would have either yanked that out with a piece of mono or called it quits for the day.  More power to you for fishing with it in.  bd;0


J, the tissue at this part of the finger is quite stubborn.  Being the hook was jammed against bone also restricted movement.  I tried to rotate the hook through to cut the barb once I got back to the house but couldn't even get the tip all the way through the skin.  That shit hurt btw.  Also tried to make an incision but could not get it deep enough.  I didn't have any sheetrock knives on hand since my homies had my van on a jobsite.  Sheetrock knives are great instruments for skin whittling.

The doc was grunting and groaning while trying to rotate the hook w/pliers.

This whole episode has caused me to stop and consider the possible consequences of Musky fishing.  At minimum, I would need to wear a pdf, hat, thick glasses, gloves.  Most importantly, learn how to cast :embarassed:



Pune basses indeed. Double nymph rig? Well, I can't exactly say shit, them gar flies are laced with two stingers. 12" long for schlong nose gartrudes. I impaled the back of my head a few weeks ago. Too bad I didn't have barbs or I would sport yet another scar to my pip.