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February 17, 2019, 05:31:56 am


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VDGIF Sampling the Smith River, August 19-21, 2014

Started by Al, July 27, 2014, 15:17:37 pm

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The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) will be "shock sampling" the trout holding sections of the Smith River starting on Tuesday, August 19th through Thursday August 21st.  They nomally arrive in the area about 10:00 am on the first day and work the specific locations and times around the Philpott generation schedule, much like knowledgeable fishermen who either get behind or ahead of the generation surge. They remain in the area for a full day on Wednesday and usually depart  early afternoon on Thursday.  There are ten or more sample sites. A good way to locate them is ride up and down the easy access points and look for a half dozen or more VDGIF trucks.

The VDGIF Fisheries Biologists encourage participation by volunteers willing to help as they scoop up and process the fish. Don't forget your waders if you want to help with the line of "netters" as they move upstream through each site. If you just want to sit on the bank and watch they don't mind that either. Many of us have participated before and it is definitely an eye opener.

As the time gets closer and we have a more definitive schedule we will share it with you.


 I just received this sampling schedule from Smith River Fisheries Biologist George Palmer. Look for them at the far end of the field at the Mirror Factory on Tuesday, Aug 19th about 10:00 am. This is one time you can drive through the gate, bear to left and go past the loading docks to the field. If you arrive before the VDGIF trucks please don't park right at the end of the field because that is where they unload and set up their sampling station.

I will try to keep track of any changes to schedule. If you can't locate them call me at 910-624-3457

Day 1:  August 19, 2014Day 2: August 20, 2014Day 3: August 21, 2014


Small change to schedule - see email below which just came in from VDGIF - Start at Yellow Steps instead of Mirror Factory on Tuesday.