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November 27, 2021, 08:24:12 AM


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Polarized shades

Started by troutfanatic, May 25, 2014, 17:11:29 PM

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I need some new blinks. By default of my job, I embraced Oakley for the last 20 years. I get a good discount and they are US made. I just bought a new pair of "gas cans". Only after I did a run recently did I notice they were not polarized. they were the regular black-grey lenses and some asshat stuffed them in a polarized box. Not too pissed about it, but I still need new shades- polarized. who uses what? how good can you see into the water? how much do you spend? I don't think Oakley's polarized lenses are that great. I am looking for something better and would prefer to pay less than what I historically have paid. 8)

The Dude

Maui jim is good. But for price I prefer smith - even over costas. They have a great warranty, too. I've used it and had some replaced no questions asked.

I was born by the river in a little tent,<br />And just like the river I've been running ever since,<br />It's been a long, long time coming,<br />But I know change is gonna come.

Big J

How wide is your head?  Do you classify your head as a normal sized head or a large head?  I have a pair of Native Wazee's with some polarized lens in them.  They are like an active sunglasses style and the frame sits snug on the sides of your head.  Since it's memorial day tomorrow I can let them go for free to ya. Just let me know if you want them.  I didn't care for the snugness of the frame and have a pair of Costa's now.

Big J

I think you can find some Costas for around 150 but most are 200. I think Costa has the best lenses on the market.


I have Maui Jim's and like them ok.

A-A-Ron has a great pair called Avetts or something like that.   He said they were under $150.  I would definitely check them out. The lenses were fantastic.

Michael Toris

I wear glass lens smiths.  Love em

Glass lens costa are nice too.

Michael Toris

I suggest smith teclight glass in the polarchromatic copper mirror


I'm really finicky about lenes, I can't stand a bad pair of sunglasses. So I used to wear Maui Jim's, then I got married. They're the best glasses you can buy and without a doubt the hands down best return policy of any product I've ever brought. I sat on a pair and broke the frames at the nose piece, put em' in a box with return address and a week later had a new pair of glasses. I knocked another pair off the rail at my dad's when I was visiting him in Tasmania. The lenes got all scratched to hell, again in the box they went and a new pair (not just lenses) were returned. Unfortunately they don't replace lost glasses which is what happened to my last pair. Since then I've gotten married, had a kid, moved across the country and gotten back into fly fishing, none of which is easy on the pocket book. So no more Maui Jim's.

My brother turned me onto Arnettes


He wore them when he was a deckhand on a charter boat out of Honolulu. The lenes are fantastic, I can't tell much difference between them and Maui Jim and the ones I get, La Pistola are about $100. Four years later and I'm on my third pair, lost one pair and destroyed another through abuse. I just hope they keep making the style frames I like.


It's important to mention that the style of frames (at least IMO) has a lot to do with how polarized sunglasses perform. I've tried the style Beatle has and really liked how light they were and the lens clarity was good but they didn't do well for me on the water. I find a full, wrap around frame (I'll get it out of the way, a full wrap around is always good) works better with polarized lenses. I think that's why I've never gotten into Oakley's, most of there stuff doesn't have a frame. I think a full frame and bigger ear piece help block out glare on your face around the lens and makes a big difference. That or I over think things...


I am half blind and thus need prescription lenses. So far I've done the basic "Polarized" bullshit from the optical houses.

I believe I am going to pony up and do Smith's the next go around.


I'm probably stating the obvious but not all polarized lenses are created equal.  I learned that the hard way one time when we were (or were supposed to be) sight casting to some spooky trout.  My $25 BPS brand lens were about as useful as BPS on the whole.  I think there's probably not going to be much of a difference between smith, maui jim, or costa and would probably go with what you can find on sale.

The Dude

Glass lenses are best.  Generally speaking, I would go with amber, but depending on where you will be using them most (dark, shady places vs. sunny lakes and oceans) may require a different colored lens.  Like I said, I use the smiths with glass/amber/photochromic lenses and they seem to do very well.


I was born by the river in a little tent,<br />And just like the river I've been running ever since,<br />It's been a long, long time coming,<br />But I know change is gonna come.


I've used and continue to use Oakley. Always polarized. The best lenses are VR50s. I have major hypersensitivity to glare. Cuts out the migraines. Best ones are the Pit Boss. I have had a pair for 2 years. Prior to that, I had a tungsten pair of Juliet's that I still have. Had em for 12 years. Changed the lenses out several times. Ruby polarized lenses are tits up too, and chicks dig it...


If your goal is better fishing vision it goes beyond polarized glasses.

Obviously glass is best as has been stated
I wear the costa 580Gs every day all day

Also as stated color is important Yellow or Amber are what u want and also you want side shields

Beyond that there are a couple other things you can do...

Buy a hat with a black underbrim a big brim one if you can stand it

And when weather allows wear a hoody with black interior on the hood. Flip up the hood when sight fishing or scanning a piece of water.