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Wanted 10 wt. saltwater rod

Started by AK Aaron, April 06, 2014, 18:46:39 PM

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I went through the 10 weight dilemma a few years ago, luckily when Charlotte still had a great fly fishing show with all of the major gear manufacturers there. Me and a friend whose judgment I trust spent three days at the show testing every 10 weight we could lay our hands on. I narrowed it down to two rods and as we were leaving to go outside to burn one a shop stopped me and asks that I tried the 10 weight in his hands. I was really reluctant because the two I had picked out were names you would expect to be right up there at the top while this rod manufacturer had the reputation as a great mid-level rod builder. I screwed my reel onto it with the line I wanted to use and went behind the curtains where we had tons of room to stretch it out. Both my buddy and I were in agreement that this beast was the pick of the litter. The rod was a St. Croix Legend Elite and really, it rocks. It had the wide range, feel and power that I like. So far on sounding albies it hasn't shattered so I believe it's also durable and has the lifting power you need for those salty creatures. They now have an 'X' model Legend that looks interesting... especially the grip. I think what separated the Legend Elite was that razzle-dazzle curve technology but most importantly the graphite scrim which up till then was only used on the old classic Loomis GLX rods. It took a couple of decades until Sage′ started doing that but only on their upper end rods.  Here's more: http://www.stcroixrods.com/products/fly-fishing/legend-elite/] [url]http://www.stcroixrods.com/products/fly-fishing/legend-elite/[/url]

I fished a Sage′ RPLXi in a 10 in New England for stripers for a few times and liked it but kept waiting for the RPLXiVIIxT2 series to come out in hopes it would talk to me. I'm tired of waiting.
I also have time on TFO TiCrX and find it to be a brutal bitch that just isn't fun. This weekend at the SE iFFF festival at WCU I spent a lot of time on the casting fields horsing around, watching Steve Rajeff go over the ACA course layout, helping a few people with their casts and learning a bit more about two-handed casting. Kent was there from TFO and when I bumped into him and asked 'What's new' he dragged out the Mangrove. I have a BVK in the heavier line size but might have to dump it in favor of the Mangrove.
Kent described that rod pretty much as a point and shoot rod for times that you have no time to wave it around false casting to get out 50-60'. From having the fly in your hand to presenting it at 60+' takes one or two back casts and a well-timed haul. It feels good up close too which is one of the prerequisites I need out of a rod. The reel seat has neat hook keepers machined into the sides and it has burl rings on the grip that show the line size rating. For fewer than three bills it sure seems worth it to this kid.
Happy hunting.
The early bird may get the worm,
but the second mouse gets the cheese.


x2 on Mangrove

x2 on anything Loomis GLX associated
My real name is Chad Farthouse.


I have a Cabelas 10 wgt  FT (fast taper) that I landed a 28 lb Chinook on.  Damn fine rod , but it is not specifically for salt or fresh. Just Big ass fish. I also have a 10 wgt reel with line and backing on it.

The St Croix is a helluva rod also

PM me if ya wanna look at it,etc,etc



Thanks for the advice. The r&r is long gone and not in my attic awaiting the salt of the rich coast. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to go with. I feel a lot like a young college aged version of me, returning to campus while the sun is still warm and presented with so many choices I can't focus, muddy knows the feeling I'm sure.
I need to get somewhere that I can try out a few rods but short of horvis I don't think there are any shops up here with a selection to try out.

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