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Striped Bass Season Opens on the Roanoke River March 1



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If they call it a brook trout...

Started by shanktrout, March 30, 2006, 17:52:43 pm

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Up here in Yankeville we call the little streams brooks. Down in Cacalaki (sp) etc... they're commonly reffered to as creeks... So I'm curious to know if anyone ever calls them creek trout.... or creekies..... I guess it would be pronounced "crick-ees" or something? Afterall, the Southern Appalachins do hold some of the oldest brook trout strains don't they?



specks here in this part of WNC

Brad  8)
Brad  8)




Quote"Brookies" is a derogatory yankee term

Guess I need to remove that word for my vocabulary.   ;D

Regardless of what you call them, I'm going to see if I can't catch a few of them tomorrow.
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Quote"Brookies" is a derogatory yankee term that has crept into our language due largely to the influence of the mass media and the inherent need of flatlanders to just get along. The latter being the main reason we lost the war.
absales...that's what surprised me the most...? Does anyone remember the whole back the brookie thing before chick went off the deep end and moved to California to do freebase? Why wasn't it back the crickies?


March 31, 2006, 19:20:54 pm #7 Last Edit: March 31, 2006, 19:27:48 pm by troutphisher
Not in my part of VA; THEY ARE SPECKLED TROUT. The educated young folks (past 6th grade and under 50) sometimes refer to them as brook trout, but never "brookies". "Brookies" is a derogatory yankee term that has crept into our language due largely to the influence of the mass media and the inherent need of flatlanders to just get along. The latter being the main reason we lost the war.


Rhetorical nonsense, bordering on slander. Yankees (educated) refer to them as  Salvelinus fontinalis.

The war, perhaps was lost due to lack of industry in the south and no allies in Europe willing to help.
The whole of the souths GNP (gross national product) during 1861 through 1865 was only about 1/4 that of New York, It could not afford to sustain fighting from both a monetary and manpower depletion.

I doubt the south would have entered into such an endeavor, if it had been know prior to secession, that no help would come from England or France.
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.


Old Yankee stirring the pot.

Shank - how do you explain "Splakes", which were a cross between Speckled Trout or Brookies, depending on you point of view and Lake Trout. Not sure if they still cross them, but at one time NH used to stock several of their "reclaimed ponds" which are bigger then most "lakes" here in the south, with "Splakes". They grew a little bigger and faster then Brook Trout - their distinguishing feature was a very pronounced forked tail.

80 degrees today and I have my garden just about all in - how about up your way Jessie? ;D



The Splake is alive and well and as far as the name goes.... must be half speck.

Didn't catch any Eastern Brook Trout today but did manage 4 Landlocked Salmon up in Alton Bay...largest being being 23" and fat. Weather is just now starting to turn... long way off still from the 80's. Still some ice on the lake but one of the earliest ice outs ever.

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