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LOS TU March Newsletter and Next meeting

Started by teachrtec, March 27, 2006, 21:15:53 PM

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Trout Unlimited Meeting
Monday April 3rd, 2006
6:30 pm
Three Brothers Restaurant
183 Haywood Street

Meeting Topic:
The effects of the Hurricanes of 2004 on the trout waters of Western North Carolina

Fisheries Biologist
National Forests in North Carolina 

Tight Lines

LOS Chapter Newsletter
March 2006

Monthly Meeting
The Land O'Sky Chapter of Trout Unlimited met on Monday March 6th at Three Brothers Restaurant.   
Dick Heald gave a presentation about NCTU Rivercourse: Coldwater Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp.  This is a program designed to teach the ethics of coldwater conservation to our youth.
Starr Nolan gave a presentation about Casting for Recovery which offers  no-cost retreats tailored to promote and support mental and physical healing, shared experiences, and the hope that comes from learning new skills.
Both are excellent volunteer opportunites.  Contact Starr Nolan if you are interested in helping out.
North Mills Stocking Dates 2006
April 3 -  Monday
May 1 - Monday
October 6 - Friday
November 1 - Wednesday
Usual time and place.
Contact Don Bellm at:  to let him know you can help.
Proposed Federal Land Sales
Your help is needed to help stop yet another fire sale of our nation's  public fishing and hunting areas. The FY 2007 budget proposal for the United States Department of the Interior would allow for the sale of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and require that 70 percent of all income from land sales be used to reduce the federal deficit.  Over a 10-year period, this proposal would require that more than $350 million of public land is sold with little regard for their wildlife, fish, and water values.
In a second proposal, the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service is proposing to sell off hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest lands to raise $800 million to fund the Secure Rural Schools program as part of the Forest Service's Fiscal Year 2007 budget proposal.  The Secure Rural Schools legislation was passed six years ago by Congress to offset the loss of revenue in rural communities affected by a downturn in logging activity on National Forests.  Click here to learn more.

Major Fish Kill on the East Fork of Bull Creek
Brad Sprinkle

The East Fork of Bull Creek is located between Mars Hill and Marshall in Madison County.  It is a stream whose stream quality has had gradual improvement over the last 20 years.  It supported wild rainbow trout.  Three weeks ago an unknown agent was added to the stream that killed every fish and aquatic insect for an estimated five miles.  The Asheville office of Division of Water Quality, upon request of Madison's game warden Derek McFee, visited the stream on two occasions in an attempt to identify the agent and its source. They were unable to find a point source that was responsible for the fish kill. 
Shortly after the fish kill there was a algae bloom that was very noticeable and unusual for this time of year.  This was a heartbreaking episode that was very discouraging after all the progress the stream had made over the years.  My wife and I have been inspired to return this stream to its former glory as a wild trout habitat.  We have been in contact with Powell Wheeler, a fisheries biologist, about the situation.  He recommended a course of action that would hopefully have trout back in the stream within a year.  We have also contacted the Volunteer Water Information Network in order to join their stream monitoring program.  For more information about the VWIN program, call UNCA-EQI at 828/251-6823.
To report a fish kill, contact the Asheville office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources @ 828/296-4500.

Fly Tying Question?
Searching for a synthetic wing material called "SAAP Float Vis" Supposedly virtually unsinkable. Anybody know where to get this stuff?  A Google search gave  references to it in fly patterns but no place to buy it.
Casting For Recovery
Enter to win a Bahamas Bonefishing Trip. Winner will be announced at a drawing on June 10th, 2006 at the FFF SE Conclave at Callaway Gardens.  Click here
for more details.
Pigeon River Project
Sponsors are still desperately needed for the Pigeon River Project.   If we do not receive more sponsors we might not be able to maintain the project. The river is filled with wild rainbows and some of the stocked browns are definitely still around. To view sponsorship fees and the benefits of becoming a sponsor click here. The application for Pigeon River Sponsors is on the net. Click here. 
Taxonomy and Pollution Ecology of Aquatic Insects
Meg Howard, a new LOS member, will be offering this program in July. It is sponsored by NCDENR.  Contact her at
North Shore Road Update
For current information see:
Fishing Delayed Harvest Waters
Brad Sprinkle
Delayed Harvest (DH) waters can give big numbers and occasionally really big fish.  However, just like any trout stream, certain conditions can make catching fish difficult.  Here are a couple of suggestions that might improve your catch ratio on those tough days.
In really clear water, an orange ball type strike indicator will spook DH fish.  A good substitute, that will give a subtle less intrusive indicator, is an attractor pattern such as a Kaufman stimulator, a Royal Wulff, or a Thunderhead.  These types of indicators will tell you what is happening with a nymph as well as draw strikes from surface feeding fish.   
In clear water, with changing weather, increase the depth of your nymph to target less aggressive, finicky trout in the deep pools.  If the opportunity arises to fish a stretch of water previously fished with a dry or a dry and dropper, try a streamer.  A monster might surprise you.   
These are some tactics I have found to work.  Any tips and suggestions about fishing DH waters or any other stream would be appreciated for future newsletters.
Election Year
In this election year, take the time to email the incumbents and their challengers and find out their position on the environment.  They work for you, you don't work for them. Your vote counts. If something is happening that disturbs you, voice your opinion via email or phone.
Contact Information
If you have questions, comments, or contributions please email Brad Sprinkle.
Fly Fishing Forums
If you are interested in talking about the various aspects of fly fishing with others around the country who are as enthusiastic as yourself, here are some sites to check out.
  Fishing and Stream Reports
Report from Hunter Banks

NC Fishing Notebook

We will add other sources of fishing and stream info as we can.

Report a poacher
Reporting Wildlife Violations

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