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Shad cam is back

Started by Shane, March 20, 2006, 11:12:08 AM

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Got it up in a corner of my screen.  This morning a big ol' catfish sort of camped out in the lower left corner.  It'd come up and across from time to time, just enough to give you a good look, and then fall back to the corner.  I seem to recollect that those squares are 6" each, so this cat would have gone a bit over 24".

I've havn't seen many shad pass through, but there have been a few.  We need a good spring rain to bring them in.

B Loy

I've missed the SHAD CAM.   :D


B Loy

What view are we seeing on the 'cam?   ???



If you go to the bottom of the page referenced in the link, and click on the ling for Bosher's Dam and Fishway, it will bring up another page with a picture of Bosher's Dam.  The improved fish ladder, now called a fishway is on the right.  The fish enter the gateway on the right and swim upstream in, I believe, 6" stages so there's no leaping like there was in the old fish ladders.  In fact, the fish normally have a good 36" or more of water depth and  go up in relatively easy stages.

The shad cam is located at the topmost stage, and the water, obviously, is coming from the right.  The grid is, as best I can recall, 6" squares, and the exit into the lake above the dam is just above the first grid on the right.  The tank is about 30" wide, and 5' long.  You are actually looking at a large glass window, and will occasionally see a visitor step in front of the camera.

I'm not really an expert, but all this information used to be available from that shad cam link....


Has anyone seen any activity on the shad cam?

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Woolly Bugger

Quote from: Bloy on March 25, 2006, 19:24:29 PM

Has anyone seen any activity on the shad cam?

i saw one the first day that it was posted but not any since, i'll watch for a while again tonight....
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The cam is back and so is da shad.

Not sure how many have made it to Bosher's Dam where the cam is yet, but they are in Richmond below I95.

Friend got 30 this morning. Heard another guy got 40-50.

With warm weatehr coming this weekend should be awesome.

Went out for 30 minutes at lunch tme on Wednesday. Got one hickory on the fly. By buddy got tow big hickories and an American.

Ain't shad grand



I've been working most of the day, and have the shad cam up in the corner of my screen.    As the evening has progressed, I've been seeing a bit more activity.  Late afternoon, an bunch of 6" fish were passing though, but this evening, I've seen a number of 30" eels.  They are pretty cool to watch.  I've only seen a few shad, but they've run about 24", so they must be the American Shad.  Water's a bit stained, so the detail isn't great.


Whoa... looks more like 'eel cam'!  :o

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Brent G

Saw a few in there today also

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Brent G


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finally got something on the shad cam ;D ;D
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B Loy

Bunch of eel activity this morning arounnd 6:30. Very active 30" eels.  :P