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Goings on of late

Started by twinbridges, August 26, 2013, 11:59:05 AM

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Since the last report I've been moving around a bit.  Guest in from Canada and did the road loop over to the Big Hole Valley which is where the Big Hole River starts about 100 miles from Twin.  It is one incredible valley and as the name implies it is BIG!

We had a picnic up Hell's Canyon outside of Twin with our guest and our almost 93 old neighbor from home who is spending three weeks fishing and living at the Stonefly Inn.  He is fishing everyday but the picnic day for his entire stay.  Not sure I can do that stretch of fishing but he is amazing.  I also got to fish with him one day on the Beaverhead and we caught some nice fish.  Once again my wife came out of the gate with a 22 inch bow that looked like a football.  Amazing fish but I was not with her and have not received the pic yet although I saw it.

Then some buddies from back east showed up and we did a late night run up to Rock Creek.  Typical, we were planning on getting up early the next day but quite late someone said "hell, we should just go right now" and in no time we were on a 3 1/2 hour road trip!  Somehow we got there, found a campsite and the trip was on.  Rock Creek is a special place to camp and fish and there are lots of fish.  Not many 20 inchers but very nice bows, cutts and browns and yes, there are bull trout although we did not see them this trip.  And they will eat dries and nymphs so you can have it your way.

And a float trip on the Beav with my best friend and old business partner where we caught fish and did the portage of a lifetime.  Damn hard work between a lot of laughs.

Guests are all gone and it is a nice quiet day in Twin.



Tough life right there!   'c;

Hell, I guess somebody as got to do it.  Might as well be you Twin!  Always enjoy hearing of your adventures.

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a riffle and a weighted fur ball dragging on the bottom.


Excellent work TB, way to get on'em...... 'c; 'c; 'c; 'c; 'c;

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Rock Creek is on my list to visit next week.

Nice pics as usual. Solid.


Great you are going to Rock Creek.  Following is my suggestions but for sure I have only fished a portion but have been there a few times.  My favorite place to camp is the campground just by mile marker 22.  If you come in from Phillipsburg and at the bridge crossing the creek you make a right turn and the miles are marked along the way.  It is gravel but a beautiful drive worth it for the scenery alone.  Just keep easing along and after a bit you will get there.  There is great fishing just below campsite 14.  The fish seem to be hanging in the riffles as the water is cooler and has more oxygen.

Another area is just south of the micro burst area about a half mile or so.  I am certain there are a lot more good places but these will work.

Enjoy and take as much water as you need as the pump is closed for some reason. 


Thanks for the info TB. I'll be camping there a few nights and then heading over to try my luck in the park. I'm staying in one of the fs cabins for a few nights so I'll be making some day trips to different streams.  0:0


Thank you.

We are all out there dreaming we were on the stream with yu

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Big Twin, you are living the dream  'c; Good for you bd;0

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