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Started by sanjuanwormhatch, August 25, 2013, 10:20:55 AM

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Anyone have any opinions of the place fly fishing or otherwise?


Best fishing around Chatty is in the lakes such as Chicamauga or Nick-A-Jack which runs through down town.
There is a tailrace below Hiawassee that has trout. It is near Cleveland. Plenty of trout around Tellico Plains near Sweetwater.

Also the Aquarium is worth going to see.



Steelrain - how far out of town until you're "in the mountains"?  If that makes sense.


Hiwassee can be good when they aren't generating power.  There's a fly shop in Reliance.  My last trip was a bust.

Stopped for hot dogs.  They recommended flies tied by a Jolly Green Giant.  And there was a blanket hatch.  Did not fish

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I floated the Hiawasee a few times.  I found the float to be more enjoyable than the fishing.  Looks like fishy water.  Is not. 


Quote from: steelrain202 on August 25, 2013, 13:12:09 PM

theres a fairly large fly shop in downtown Chatt

Choo Choo and Feather & Fly both appear to be gone. 


Flogged the Toccoa near Blue Ridge for a couple of hours, yesterday morning, before heading over to Chattanooga at noon. The Annual BeerFest offered a tasty array of over a hundred fifty micros and some decent bands.  Just got back to Sodom on the 'Hootch, this AM, after an evening of borderline overindulgence.  Had as many fish been landed as quaffed pints I'd be better off.  b';

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I did the same, Sixbees.  Rye Saison from Yazoo and Mangnam PA by ? were standouts for me (out of the ones I tried I had never had before).  Pretty tough to turn down $4 prima pils, sweetwater ipas, torch pilsners (and their blonde), SNPAs (among others) though. 


Any particular reason?


Quote from: sanjuanwormhatch on August 26, 2013, 04:14:35 AM

Any particular reason?

Chattanooga has metamorphosed into a pretty cool place. The river has lots of attention. The next state record smallie will probably come from TN river near downtown.  There are mountains all around town, Lookout, Signal, Raccoon..... Cold water is either the Hiawassee, or the Elk in Coffee, Franklin Co. to the west, about 1hr same as HI.

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