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September 26, 2021, 15:06:48 PM


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Big Brown trout and Moose

Started by twinbridges, August 16, 2013, 14:17:57 PM

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Fished the Madison with a young guy (I rowed and he fished) on Tuesday.  As we were waiting to put the boat in this truck with two guys pulls in and starts to back down the ramp, put on brakes to correct back up and there is this huge not good sound as he dumps the entire boat twenty feet from the water.  They had undone the safety chain and the strap!  Sort of embarrassing I think.  Fished Varney to Town and with not great flows and a novice angler it was not a banner day but we had a good time nevertheless.

Wednesday fished the Beaverhead from Hennenberry to Barretts and right out of the bat my wife got a 23+ brown trout on a chubby.  He was way in a corner and she put a chubby there and he just appeared beside it, looked at it and then slowly ate it!  It took some doing but we got him to the net. Problem is when you get one of those at the get go then everything else is downhill.  Rest of day fishing was not so good but caught some fish anyway.
First saw this big ole bull moose eating willows beside the river and then climbed down into it to make it easier to get his dinner.  I left my good camera in Twin so all I had was phone so pics not so stellar.  A while later we make a turn and there is a cow moose and a beautiful calf.    So the moose watching was plenty good. 



cool moose pics. the brown is nice too.  'c;


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Nice meese pics and of course the brown.

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