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September 26, 2021, 15:04:10 PM


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Spam for a good deal

Started by RiverbumCO, July 03, 2013, 08:54:26 AM

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July 03, 2013, 08:54:26 AM Last Edit: July 03, 2013, 09:28:16 AM by Woolly Bugger


Dont know the guy, no personal interest in this item, but these are sweet, and this is half of retail.

Carry on.

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


Not sure how beginners know what equipment is best for beginners...


My real name is Chad Farthouse.


My real name is Chad Farthouse.


Cracking up that he put the value of the items on there and then offers $50.  Some people.


I just really like to envision the event taking place...very Bill Dance Bloopers of them.

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


The spectacles I'd give back. The chances of them being the right prescription, size, and taste are slim. The rod and reel, lost at sea. /'/


My real name is Chad Farthouse.

Big J

Quote from: RiverbumCO on October 21, 2013, 06:28:36 AM


I could not have made this one up.

The San Ron Worm the realistic nymph pattern  :o

That is hilarious.


Wow...that's a real thing. I mean, real enough to spend money on a website. They made up a new shitty fly because the squirmie was too time consuming to tie? No intiendo

It's all shit, piss and bliss.

"This is the low rent district, and much like a trailer park, it doesn't attract the most upstanding citizens.
You can't piss in a mr coffee & get tasters choice."- Grannyknot


"I developed this realistic nymph pattern to catch the finicky trout in the Great Smoky Mountains year round."

"A must have for the fly fishing guide or a tournament fishermen."

Yup, going fishing


I still cant believe that is real.  At least the guy doesnt crowd the eye too bad.

My real name is Chad Farthouse.


That dude looks like...
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More like San Wrong Worm.
Anyone still using San Juans on bluelines is as guilty as the fucks in VA still fishing pink weenies. Comp fishermen? I bet he supplies the NC Fly Fishing team with flies whilst they skillfully catch pellet heads during their "heats" at the Rumble in the Rhodo Fuckfest...
Good post Riverbum. classic. 'c;



Tranny and 4WD operate perfectly. Ah, bliss...

One of you ass clowns does comment on FB about pumpkin lattes, haha. I schnarfed!


Beetle i saw that on a different board...i bet he got his asking price.

"Have any of your friends stopped hanging out because you were 'too much fun?'


My real name is Chad Farthouse.