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Blue Line

Started by troutphisher, March 12, 2006, 19:24:54 PM

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I fished a blue line stream today.
The weather was perfect 75 partly sunny. The water was off color from the rain, and the temp was up to 48 deg.

I started the morning fishing # 16 AP turkey, with a #4 split shot about a 10" up from the fly.  I fished the pocket water and riffles, this produced some brooks, and a few rainbows.

At 12:30 the hatch started and I switched to a #16 Adams, I managed to get some rainbows and browns, I fished this fly in the seams and feeder lanes.
Most fish were in the middle of the stream. At 3:00 a good hatch of caddis started, and the fish keyed in on them, I switched flies to a #16 gray caddis and the action was great, the fish were very aggressive, even the smaller fish were chasing flies, it was fun.

The water conditions and weather made for excellent fishing.

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