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Started by SA Friday, February 16, 2013, 19:39:11 PM

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SA Friday

Hook: TMC 101, size 20-24

Thread: Grey Uni-Thread 8/0

Body: Grey Antron dry dubbing, or grey muskrat dubbing

Tail: Light dun or clear Mayfly tails

Wing:  Chinese Saddle Hackle afterfeathers

Thorax: Grey Antron dry dubbing

This pattern was designed by a Korean immigrant named Rim, Chong back in the late 70's.  Rim lived in Castle Rock, CO and this was the second simulation of an emerging nymph he found in the South Platte River.  Thus it's name, RS II, stands for Rim's Simulation number 2.  I met Rim for the first time after moving back to CO (where I spent most of my childhood).  I was Active Duty Air Force and just stationed at Buckley AFB from Osan AB, Korea.  So, for me to run into a Korean working in a fly shop in Castle Rock was quite ironic.  I asked Rim to teach me how he tied it, and this is what he showed me.  He said originally, he used moose beard for the tail and muskrat for the dubbing, but the real key to the fly is the afterfeathers as an emerging wing, spin dubbing the body, and using a dry fly hook to get the fly to suspend in the water table.  His goal was to design a fly that could be used as a second fly in a nymph rig and float up into the water table, not on bottom and not on top. 


My real name is Chad Farthouse.

SA Friday



Yeah, that was a revelation.  :o

I'm happy he got to meet the man, though.

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