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June 19, 2021, 16:04:22 PM


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SAGE Launch Rod...under 200$

Started by shanktrout, February 27, 2006, 18:56:39 PM

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I've been pretty frugal when it comes to typical graphite rod purchases for the past few years. I've yet to cast a 600$ rod that truly compelled me to buy it.  I can pick out the slight differences between a 600$ rod and a 200$ one. Higher end rods are going to be more aesthetically pleasing, maybee a bit lighter, and possibly even sightly more specialized in regards to their action types.....but the differences just don't justify the extra 400$ when it comes down to functionality aspect.

I picked up a 9' 5 weight Sage Launch Series and have fished it exclusively for the past two months. While it may not exactly be the sweetest rod I've ever owned or held... it's proved to be a reliable work horse. The action is what I'd describe as being on the slow side of fast or medium fast. As the advertisements claim, it does have a good amount of feel to it. The rod seems to load better with a heavier line. I'll be using this rod come summer for lake fishing applications with a heavier full sink line day in and day out. I watched a video of me casting this setup and was amazed at how responsive the rod was. If your a fast action type bank beating double haul dude than check this rod out using a type 6 full sinker.... 2 quick false casts and nothing will be left in your reel but backing. While it performs more than satisfactory with a line specified for its line weight, I plan to try over lining it one weight up.

The rod's got my thumbs up and for around $180.00 (W/SAGE Warranty) you can't go wrong.