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Hooks for saltwater

Started by chainsaw, February 27, 2006, 15:08:05 PM

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Just wondering whether you use stainless or tinned hooks for the salt? I know that even a good flyfisherman is going to loose a fish once in a while, so what is ya'lls take on the hook rusting out when you do lose one?   Rob


Stainless steep is more expensive, and harder to keep sharp.  Most saltwater anglers use nickle plated hooks, but ones designated for saltwater.  The plating is thicker to resist corrosion longer.  As for lost hooks, I've pulled up rigs that had only been in the salt for a few days, and the hooks were corroded past usability.  Most saltwater hooks will self destruct in 2 to 3 weeks, so it isn't much of a problem. 



I've not seen the numbers for stainless steel, but no form of steel can resist the corrosive effects of salt.  Also, many manufaturers of stainless steel hooks (Mustad, for one) actually plate stainless steel over ordinary hook wire, so they are not solid stainless.

Anyway, bottom line, all steel hooks will corrode into nothing-ness in a matter of weeks.  SS may last twice as long, but that's still not very long. 



This has shaped up to be a great topic...

As stated...Stainless is a pain to sharpen and will not corrode as fast as fast as a standard SW hook if left in a fish. If faster corrosion and sharpness of hook is the most important thing to you than I'd steer away from SS. If your hooks are corroding before they're torn up from teeth you aint catchin many fish anyway ;)

may I recommend...http://www.thetroutshop.com/belize/tying/gamakatsu.htm


Thanks again! I have just started fishing the salt here in the Indian River Lagoon, and will not encounter too many toothy fish, although the seatrout do have some impressive canines. Will be fishing mostly for redfish and trout anyway, so I guess I will not be requiring the stainless hooks. I will just carry two fly boxes, one being left empty and used to put the used flies into so I can rinse them out when I get home.



How did you come out with the hook setup now that you've had time to use some ? I use stainless on just about everything I tie other than panfish stuff. Never had a rusting problem to amount to anything.




So far so good. I hooked a Tarpon this weekend, it was a suprise to say the least, as I was not expecting it! Had it on for 1 jump and lost it.

When I am done fishing, I take the flies I use and give them a quick rinse in water when I am cleaning the rod and reel, and set them out to dry. Haven't really had any problems yet, with either the tinned or the stainless, although both really need sharpening out of the box.

I think I will try to find some stainless in the smaller sizes as they hold much better in the vise. The tinned hooks seem to creep in the vise when I put a moderate amount of pressure on the thread. It seems that the coating is sparating from the hook, allowing it to move up and down.

Any recommendations on smaller sized stainless hooks? Say, size 2?... Rob