High, Lonesome Call

Started by sanjuanwormhatch, November 01, 2012, 11:53:31 AM

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There are some fishing scenes (one which involves a spin rod  :o), but this is not a "fishing book" (whatever that means).

However, Robert Holthouser is from WNC and seems like a solid dude.  A carpenter in the Summer, freelance writer year round and wonderer during bird season, I'm sure many on here can identify to his constantly drifting mind.  Replace an open grain field with a freestone in Montana, a double barrel with a fly rod and rooster pheasant with trophy browns, and ... well you get the point. 

I was lucky enough to score a signed edition.  I'm seriously considering tracking this fellow down.  It seems he appreciates what's good in life including cold beer, wild places, a good fire and solitude. 

P.S.  Holthouser wrote under the pen name Tred Slough for many years.
P.P.S.  Anyone know the guy? 


Does not appear to be much interest in this but I'll just ad for posterity that I talked to Mr. Holthouser last night and he as about a humble and straight up person I've ever met.  In this day of twatting, facespace, and youtube self promotion, the guy is content just telling stories.  And he's better at it than about 95% of the "writers" out there today.

That's all.