Luthi's Fly Fishing, Greenville, South Carolina

Started by stan luthi, July 21, 2012, 11:39:06 AM

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stan luthi

Name: Stephen Grose
Address: 23 Butler Avenue, Greenville, SC
Contact Info: 864.233.0551
Rivers that you guide: We have guide service for The Davidson River, Chatooga, and Holston Rivers and all points inbetween. Guide service also available for Montana and Western NY (Steelhead)
A brief description of your service: The only full-service Fly Shop in Upstate South Carolina. We carry a complete selection of Rods, Reels, Flies (Trout, Saltwater, Bass, and Panfish), Tackle, Fly Tying Materials and Technical Gear.


I can't vouch for the guide service, but the store selection is pretty good. 

It's nice to see a local supplier in Greenville again and I've spent some money on flyfishing gear with Luthi's since they started carrying stuff.

Of course, I've spent a good deal of money with them over the years on firearms too . . .

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