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Started by BRFFF, February 16, 2006, 11:42:05 AM

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Tail End Charlie
Hook 8089G size 8
Body Trilobal chenille, chartreuse and any small black regular chenille
Tail Any fine gold tinsel, or sparkle
Thread  3/0 black

Start your thread near the bend in the hook.
Tie in the tail material
At this point, I will wrap a 2"piece of .010 lead wire around the hookshank. If you prefer a slow sinking fly, you may omit the lead, but the fly will float until it absorbs enough water.
With the thread at the rear of the hook, tie in the chenille you are using for the main body color and a small piece of chenille you will use for the stripe down the back. Make sure both chenilles are pointing to the rear of the hook.
Wrap the longer chenille that you are using for the body forward until it almost is at the hook eye, and tie it off.
Start your thread in the middle of the body, and tie in the legs. I will let the thread move the legs upwards a little and cinch them down.
Move the thread back to the front. Grab the small chenille used for the back stripe and pull it forward between the rubber legs, to the front of the hook. This is easier if you use hackle pliers to hold it with.
Use the thread to tie down the small chenille and build up the head to the size you prefer. Whip finish and go catch a bunch of blue gill.
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